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squeaking noise when I back up...

I have a 2007 Honda Civic. For the last month I hear a squeaking noise when I back up - especially when the wheel is turned all the way to the left. The noise is coming from the front, driver's side.
<br/> I hear a similar noise now and then when I'm on the highway - and I can usually get it to stop if I brake gently.
<br/> Ideas??


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    The brakes may be getting thin enough to let the tell-tale touch the rotor. Get it checked soon. It might save you a lot of money and inconvenience.
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    Let me guess. The front brakes have already been replaced once and the pads were put in backwards. I say backwards because the squealers are supposed to work while going forward, not backwards. And yes the way they are designed, they will get quiet when brakes are applied. If you are gonna tackle this job yourself make sure the squealers are on the leading edge, not the trailing edge. Good luck
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    Thank you!
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    I bought the car used last year and have not done anything but put new tires on it.
    Thanks for the reply!
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