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Squeaking sound on reverse

Lately my car makes a loud squeak on reverse and only on reverse. It does so WHETHER I’M BRAKING OR NOT. At first it was happening selectively, but the last few days it happened every time I reversed. Now, the squeak started happening right after I took the car in for AC repair. The relay and a bad wire to the compressor were replaced. Do you guys think the squeak might be related to that?

Make, model and year of carwould be helpful for the community.

And mileage.

I can guarantee, however, that the squeak is unrelated to the recent A/C repair. You’re going to end up looking at the brakes.

Been out of the country for a while. Problem worsened upon return. Car is a Honda Civic EX 2006. Now it squeaks loudly every time on reverse with right wheel turn (but usually not on left wheel turn), and sometimes on forward right turns (but not left turns). Braking generally helps soften or stop the squeak.

Any ideas before I take it to a mechanic?

I’m betting it’s the wear gage (a little metal tab that rubs against the disc when the pads get worn). Let us know what the mechanic finds. I’m betting you need brakes.