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1999 Chevy Blazer with service engine soon light

I have service engine soon light that goes on and off. When I scanned it for codes I get a P07053. Could some please tell me what this code is, why light keeps going on and off and what needs to be fixed. Thanks


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    Are you sure it's P07053? There should only be 4 digits after the P.

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    sorry about that I must have been more tired than I thought. I rechecked the code and it is P0753.
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    P0753 = Shift Solenoid A Electrical. This means solenoid A in the transmission has an electrical problem.

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    DTC code P0753 is a tranmission code that indicates a fault in 1-2 Shift Solenoid Circuit Electrical. Two conditions set the code. 1) the VCM (Vehicle Control Module) commands 1-2 shift solenoid 'ON' and voltage remains high (B+). 2) the VCM commands 1-2 shift solenoid 'OFF' and voltage remains low (zero).

    If you can get to Alldata, there is a trouble shooting chart that will lead you through the diagnostic procedure.

    Hope this helps.
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    Alldatadiy says I need scan tool that has transmisson output contol function. Can you tell me which one I need? Thanks
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