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Check Engine Light Woes

Any ideas on what to do about a “Service Engine Soon” light that won’t go off? This problem comes on the heels of a Low Coolant light that blinks on and off. After $400 for a new coolant gasket, and a repaired cracked hose (the code the mechanic read), the coolant light still blinks, and the Service Engine Soon light is still on (same code). Interestingly, the Service Engine Soon light DID NOT come on initially until the time of the coolant gasket repair.

Are these problems related? Really frustrated by the whole affair. Any good ideas are SO appreciated!


Mechanically Challenged Mom

It depends on the diagnostic trouble code{s} that are displayed.

If the coolant leak allowed coolant to enter the combustion chambers of the engine it will damage the oxygen sensors. So if DTC’s relate to the O2 sensors they probably need replacing because they were damaged when coolant came in contact with them.


Thanks for the reply - I’ll mention this to my mechanic and make sure that he’s checked this out. I’m not sure what the current DTC is, but I was under the impression that it had something to do with a cracked hose. Maybe I’ll stop by a car parts place have them put their scanner on it and let me know what code is showing so that I at least have that part of the puzzle!

Does the “service engine soon” light differ from your “check engine light”?

The check engine light means something is wrong and there’s a code stored.

Does your “service engine soon” light mean that it’s time for some regular maintenance? Maybe the maintenance reminder light just needs to be reset?

Hm . . .good question. I’ve never seen a “check engine” light, rather just the “service engine soon” light. I’ll have to double-check that angle in my owner’s manual. Thanks for the tip.