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Change transmission filter on Honda CRV

I have a 2007 Honda CRV. Transmission fluid is recommended to be changes at 3000 miles. There is an inline transmission fluid filter between the cooler and the transmission. The service manual only recommends to change this filter with transmission rebuild or replacement. There is no other filter. I have always changed the filter on other cars I woned with fluid change. Should I change this filter or follow Honda's recommendations?


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    "Transmission fluid is recommended to be changes at 3000 miles"

    Do you mean 30,000 miles? If a dealership, an independent mechanic, or an oil change place is recommending a transmission fluid change at 3,000 miles, I would suggest that you RUN away from that place and never return to it!

    If you are referring to the usual 30k interval for transmission fluid changes on Japanese cars, I strongly suggest that you do it. While the filter replacement is apparently optional, replacement could help to ensure that your transmission performs well for many years. No car ever suffered from better maintenance than is recommended.
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    OOps I did mean 30000 thanks for the inmformation.
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    Agree; changing the fluid and filter, NOT A FLUSH, is cheap insurance for long component life. Japanese cars partly earned their good reputation by having manulas specifying all necessary maintenance; owners who observed these, did well in terms of reliability and long life.
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    I am planning to change the transmission fluid in my 2008 CRV. I Keep reading that you should only use the Honda ATF. Can I use a brand like Castrol's import version? Part of me thinks Honda would only encourage use of their fluids as a marketing technique.
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