Zombie Grand Prix

I own a 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix. I had been getting a number of alerts from the body control module, check engine was one of them. SOmetimes the car would not start. I took it in to a pontiac dealer and they replaced the Body control module.

Now I’ve been having a different problem: once the car is started, I shift it into gear and the engine shuts off and the entire instrument panel goes dark.

I had it towed once back into the dealer shop and driven it in one more time. they cannot recreate the problem and the error is not specific enough to take any action on. Is this familiar to anyone out there?

Get the codes read and post the numbers and letters here for further help.

What is the connection between the BCM and the car not starting?Security System?I have driven cars with the BCM disconnected.You must be out of warranty by mileage?