Z3 ABS light

96 Z3, 80K mi. ABS light came onin Oct 2010. Code scan says stuck valve in ABS pump. Have replaced pump and ABS ECU, but code will not clear. Checked K10 (ABS) relay in fuse panel, but still will not clear. Has mechanic stumped. Even asked All Experts.com but they had nhjo further suggestions. Anyone else experience this or have alternate suggestions?

What tool was used to clear the code?

The shop is a full service European/Import mechanic, specializing in BMW,Volvo,Jag,Land Rover, etc. I don’t know exactly what tool they used, but it wasn’t just a DIY “oil & check engine” code reader/clearer. The codes it read were: 033 Stuck valve in ABS pump and 148 over-voltage. As I said the pump and ECU have been replaced. After installation of new pump and ECU, they cleared the codes and drove the car. Then the ABS dash light came back on. No one can explain the 143 code. The alternator is fine. They asked if I had the battery jumped off recently (cause of the over-voltage) and it has not been touched. the mechanic has gone on-line and asked local BMW dealer’s mechanics and no one has experienced this 033 code that they can find.

I conclude that BMW “Service Information” documents have been checked? My suggestion (since at this point I would have to start doing my own diagnosis) is that you move up the ladder in experience and ability (and unfortunately cost)or just drive with in effect a 'standard" brake system. My feeling is if you get this car to the right person this problem would get solved.

Always with BMW we like to try re-coding (perhaps more than once). It is easy to make mistakes in the recoding process and just think you have installed the newest software. My Service Information source is not so good but I will look.

I checked for TSB’s related to the ABS system, not one TSB. In fact very few TSB’s at all about this car. What I would do is follow the troubleshooting flow chart to the letter and keep an eye out for if and when a secondary system or module (like the cluster or "general module, BMW calls this the GM) could get involved here. Key to fixing this is understanding the code generated and I have not yet found a way to deciper a code 143 code, in fact the format of the code is odd. My BMW code book deals only with codes in the Pxxx format,and then only emissions related codes. How good do you think the manuals your shop is working off are? would you be willing to get the factory service Manual for your car? I am sure this thing is over 150.00 but you may need it for this repair.