2014 Lincoln MKT vibration

Do have the vibration problem? If so! Have you had it fixed? What was it?

Hi Mike,

Can you tell us a little more about the vibration you’re having in your car, and some more info about your car? There may be others who do not have Lincolns who might have thoughts for you if you give some more detail.


Hi Carolyn,

Actually, I’m not having any vibration problems associated with the 2014 Lincoln MKT. I’m looking to buy a used, 2014 Lincoln MKT, and I wondered if this was an isolated case, or a problem with ALL MKT’s.


I absolutely don’t understand a statement like this . This Ask Someone site gets this a lot. Why would someone think all MKT’s ( or any other brand ) have the same problem .

Also if I have any doubts about a used vehicle I just pass and look at something else.

Carcomplaints.com operates on a model year-by-model year reporting of people who register complaints on their own specific vehicle. As a potential owner of a used, 2014 Lincoln MKT, I would like to know if this single person who registered a complaint, finally had this vibration issue corrected. One complaint doesn’t mean ALL 2014 Lincoln MKT’s have this issue, but I like to be as informed as possible, bc THIS VEHICLE is what I want. Forewarned is forearmed. I can explain all of this to you, but I can’t understand it for you.

Then you spend about 100.00 to 125.00 to have any used vehicle looked at by a good repair shop for any problems the vehicle might have . That will improve your chance of having a decent chance of few problems.

OK, I looked at Carcomplaints ( a site I really don’t have much confidence in ) . The vibration complaint was 5 years old and there where only 2 other posts . How does one know if the person really posted what was told to them or was told something to make them go away . Besides a used vehicle 5 years old could have had that solved and will probably have other unrelated problems.

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I’ve been buying only used cars since 1973. Since I did all of my own car repair, I knew exactly what to watch out for. It was easy to buy a good used car. As of 1987, everything changed with the introduction of computers in cars. So I could still make an educated opinion of whether a used car was ok. I keep my cars until they’re no longer worth keeping. No one can predict how long any car will last. Paying a mechanic or a automotive technician is a waste of money in my opinion. I watch the used car market all year long. All models of cars change constantly. In my experience, cars used as limo’s last the longest bc they spend hours idling, which is bad for the engine, specifically the camshaft. Look at Lincoln Town Cars, years 1998 - 2011. The engine will last up to 450,000 miles before it needs to be rebuilt. I’m on my 3rd one, and It only has 260,000 miles and still drives just fine. I’m looking at the Lincoln MK - T bc it’s used as a limo now. It has a good rep after 2010, but if the turbo’s go, it’ll cost some serious money. That seems to be it. I’m going to buy one to replace my Wife’s car. I’m retired, so I can take the time to research any car in depth.

If they spend hours idling and you say that is bad for the engine how can they be long lasting ?

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I’m not talking about buying a MKT that was used as a limo, I’m talking about buying one that was a one or two owner. I pay for a CARFAX, that gives an official record of ownership. I’ve owned 3 Lincoln Town cars that were purchased used, one owner cars that weren’t limo’s. I change the oil and filter every 2500-3500 miles, regardless of what the factory says. I also add a product called “Z-MAX” in the oil. It isn’t an oil additive. It soaks into the metal at the microscopic level. It lubricates when the oil isn’t there on start up in the am.

Carfax is not a complete record of ownership or maintenance performed. There is also nothing “official” about it legally speaking. It can give insight into previously performed maintenance, however there have been many posts on this site about inaccuracies on reports run on the cars that posters own

That’s not necessary anymore…5k miles is just fine

Who recommends that you change the oil every 5-7k? The manufacturer. I change my oil and filter every 2500-3500 miles, bc I know better.

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Oil is certainly a lot cheaper than repairing major engine damage.

Actually you don’t. Tom and Ray were saying years ago that with modern tooling for engines and the improvement of oils that oil changes could be extended .

I disagree with Tom Or Ray or anyone, and here is why;
While you drive, your air cleaner catches most of the dirt, dust, etc, coming into the engine. It does not catch all of the microfine particles. They then travel throughout your engine in the oil. Those microfine particles find their way to your cylinder walls and rings. Upon Cold start-up, wear happens, every time. I have a 1998 Lincoln Town Car with almost 260,000 miles. The honing marks, from when the engine was made, on the inside of the cylinder walls are still visible. This was verified by my mechanic using a camera on a cable. He asked me how is this possible? It’s bc I change my oil and filter at 2500-3500 miles using the Ford 50/50 blend oil. I also use Z-Max which soaks into the metal, providing wear protection at the micro level. You can disagree with me, but I have the engine that say’s I’m right.

Pretty much every manufacturer outside of severe schedule

Glad it works for you, I’ve never had major engine damage from 5k oil changes from any of my vehicles (94 Saturn Sedan, 01 Solara, 04 Carolla, 05 Odyssey, 05 T&C, 09 Focus) while helping reduce the environmental impact from 2-3k mile oil changes.

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This looks to be a classic “snake oil”, highly refined variety.


You add it to the oil, but it’s not an additive ?

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That is a little arrogant . I doubt if Tom or Ray has given even 3 pieces of wrong advice between them .

It isn’t arrogant to say I have the proof to back up my position, the truth is the truth. There’s no such thing as alternative facts. I loved and miss car talk, but I didn’t agree with everything Tom & Ray believed.

Your engine oil is merely the delivery system for Z-Max. It is the best $40 I ever spent on my car’s engine.