Yummy Fire wall

2004 Honda Accord V6. When the car was 5 months old the engine check light came on and

the rats had eaten a $5 part with $300 labor.

I park in a carport, always have. They munched holes in the engine compartment insulation. honda says it has to be replaced can’t be fixed without enormous labor charges.

That is very sad. Did you have a question?

Can the firewall be patched?
Is this a Honda problem?
The warranty is past can I fix it myself?

If you are talking about the heat and sound insulation on the firewall itself, just patch it up with some fiberglass and metal duct tape. If the damage is small enough, you can even just ignore it. Maybe some hot sauce applied to the area will discourage further snacking.

I’m confused about your post. You said you drive a 2004 Accord, and 5 months after purchasing it, you discovered the firewall problem. It’s 2008 now…you’ve been driving around for 4 years with the problem? I sure hope Honda was wrong and it didn’t require fixing. Is the check engine light still on?

Warranties don’t cover damage caused by wildlife, so you were out of luck even when the car was under warranty. I see no reason why Honda should care, since their product wasn’t defective. I’m guessing that if it’s been 4 years and you haven’t had a problem, you could take NYBo’s advice on patching the insulation or just keep on ignoring the problem.