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Blown engine?

I have a 97 accord v6 and it was already smoking from the back of the engine bay, I was driving it really hard because I’m only 17 and I have no sense and then all of a sudden the car made a loud popping/cracking noise and the car shut off. I popped the hood and it looked like water/steam was coming out of the crack between the throttle body and the intake pipe. There was also oil that had spewed from somewhere but couldn’t find out from where. I pushed it home and the next day I tried to crank it over. I put gas in the tank and it took a while but it started and immediately the car started redlining so I shut if off. I looked in the throttle body and the throttle was stuck wide open due to coke/carbon. I closed the throttle and tried again but it never started up after that. Please help

Start saving for a new car. An accord that old isn’t even worth the DIY labor to replace an engine. If you took an advanced auto class and still don’t even have clue, well that’s 1 career option you don’t need to worry about.

There are old cars and there are aggressively driven cars, but there are no old, aggressively driven cars. Assuming you have little or no money, you can try replacing parts that are broken with parts from cars at the junkyard, which are very cheap compared to new parts, starting with the parts where the steam was coming out. It is good practice/learning to work on the cars at the junkyard because it is okay to take them apart - there is no charge for taking them apart at places where they don’t pull the parts off themselves. There are lots of Hondas of this generation at junkyards although the six cylinder engine is much less common than the 4 cylinder. If there is oil and coolant leaking out, you may have caused the head gasket to fail which is deep in the engine and will require much work and a new gasket, but if the block is bent or cracked then a new-to-you engine is the only option. It would be a good opportunity to learn about engines and cars to try to fix it yourself but you may be in for a huge job, even for someone who is experienced and knows what they are doing.

Have mommy and daddy buy u new car. Troll.


Too bad dad passed and moms jobless or else that would have happened months ago

I’m not seeing justification for calling OP a troll here.

He’s a kid who did something dumb. Sounds familiar. I did a few dumb things at that age too.

OP, if that’s your car in your avatar… I know people think it looks cool, but slamming a car is a great way to break suspension parts, usually while the car is moving. It’s not so much a question of if, but when, you’ll break something, lose control, and slam into someone, so please consider not doing that for your next ride.

To me it sounds like it won’t start now because you closed the throttle, but the throttle is still sticking from the carbon and so it can’t open again. That needs to get cleaned before your car will run normally.

You need to figure out where the oil is coming from, and also where the steam is coming from. For all you know you have a pinhole in a heater hose which sprayed on the intake and made you think the steam was coming from the intake. Until you find the source of the steam and the oil, we can’t really point you in any direction.

That the car started at all after all of this might be a good sign.


is this only car in household? did dad have car? does mom have car? sounds pretty grim. that’s what some folks call a learning experience. don’t beat on a car if you have little car fixing knowledge and limited funds. coolant leaks are usually repairable. oil leaks tend to be harder to fix. as in more expensive.

That’s a reason…but NOT an excuse. Any of my kids ever did that when they were 17…they’d be funding their own car and own college tuition. Young doesn’t mean you have to be stupid also.

All of my kids funded their own cars and the boys still did stupid things with them. I was 23 when I threw my last rod and I had a wife and 3 kids by then and no one ever gave me a car either.

Lets start with fundamentals first. Is there any coolant in the radiator? Is there any oil left in the engine? I don’t see any evidence that you have checked either one.

I guess some kids are more responsible then others.

Sounds like you did it in. On a car this old the best option is to either sell as-is for cheap or take out everything of value and scrap it for some money. Im just a teenager who is super interested in cars and I drive my accord spiritedly so I understand your mindset, but I always let it fully warm up before getting into the throttle, and dont thrash it around too much. Im guessing this thing was nearing the end of its life if there was so much gunk in the throttle body that it stuck all the way open. In the future, if something isnt right, then go look under the hood instead of going and driving it hard.

I dunno, at 17 I was in college paying my own way with $4000 in the bank driving a 7 year old VW.

I think at this point you really don’t know what’s wrong with the engine but it doesn’t sound good. Someone really needs to just take a look, or provide some pictures and go from there. The whole car is not worth much though.

I own a Corolla in that vintage range. Can’t speak to your Accord, but on mine the throttle body has a coolant passage through it. Coolant comes in on one hose, and goes out another. It routed inside the throttle body past a gadget that opens or closes an air passage that bypasses the throttle valve, so it speeds up the idle rpm if the coolant is cool, and slows it down if the coolant is hot. You may just have something wrong with all that. On my Corolla the way to figure it out is to remove the throttle body and visually inspect it on the bench. You or your shop is probably going to have to do something similar. Best of luck. \

BTW, when you say you don’t have much sense, that means you do have some sense … understanding who your are, and what your limitations are is a good thing. Suggest to capitalize on what you know, and learn more as you go. In the meantime keep your insurance fully in effect … lol …

That solves for the coolant, but doesn’t explain the oil leak. That needs to be found and its severity determined before OP should spend money fixing the coolant issue. I mean, if it’s leaking because there’s a hole in the block…

Last time this happened to me, it was the 3.0 V6 not the 2.7 in your car. My upper radiator hose started leaking on an idle control module and my car was revving very irraticly. Car would drive like it had a stuck accelerator. Hose had to be replaced and module. Problem solved. Oil leak? In the rear part look for the oil pressure switch or head cover gasket.

Sorry, Valve cover gasket. Plus oil filter may be on the rear.