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Your Mechanic's Brain

Ever seen artist and writer Stephen Huneck's book, My Dog's Brain?

That got us thinking: what does a mechanic's brain look like? What do mechanics really think about? So, we're setting out to diagram the inner workings of the mechanic's cerebellum. Is it....

Yacht payment?
Your remaining credit?
Super falafel indigestion?

Post your suggestions right here!

The best ideas will be diagrammed on the next official Car Talk t-shirt, Your Mechanic's Brain.

A mechanic’s brain ?
To draw it on paper, I’m thinking of a trouble shooting diagnostic tree diagram and at the culmination of each chain would be the boat payment , new tools, take it to the dealer but pretend I fixed it, guess, ask mom etc.

I didn’t create this, so I can’t take credit, but there is a web site cited in the picture. That may help you find the source.

Well, after he or she puts down their copy of “It ain’t broke, fix it: How to buy your boat out-right in 3 months,” they then assess the individual walking into their lair. Usually the victim falls into one of these categories:

fool - mechanic adds up mortgage and boat payment. total = customer’s bill
lawyer/clergy - mechanic flips over “out-to-lunch” sign and, without making eye contact, runs to nearest pub. These individuals are too dangerous to work with.


I can fix this if I can just get this bolt to…oops!

Duct tape or WD40… …that is the question.

“Do you think Car talk would notice if I called them…again…like I always do?”

  1. Brownie? Bagel? Donut?
  2. Should I have my cellphone ready to dial 911 once I tell the customer how much this will cost?
  3. (if customer is especially attractive): Which sparkplug should I loosen so she’ll return…

Cant fix it with a hammer? Must be an electrical problem.

Is it just me, or is aluminium way more expensive than aluminum?

Am I going to charge this customer for AWC?

I worked at a shop for a bit, and some customers would find a charge for AWC. Some would ask, and the mechanic told them it was ‘All Weather Coolant’. Actually it was an Ass Whoopin Charge he would add if the customer was a pain to deal with.

What time is it? What kind of bread did she want? Where is the kids game this evening? Wow! Where does this funny looking bolt go?

I LOVE the smell of CLUNKERS in the morning

Well I can always use the old line…“ohhhh, you have THAT model”.

When I was using and independent mechanic to care for a used Mercedes 190E I bought, although I couldn’t read his mind, I eventually concluded he might have thought I was not a wise spender getting him to keep that piece of junk going. His wisdom was evidenced when he said, somewhat in jest, “You’ve already paid for two of my vacations with that car, get rid of it.” I did, and in his caring mind, he advised me what make to buy new, a Toyota, which I now have and am enjoying happy motoring.

Lugnuts. And while it may apply to Tom and Ray I recently bought new tries at a BIG Box Store. After installation, the guy said I needed to return after driving 25 miles so they could readjust the lugnuts. If I did not, the warrenty would be void.
I live 85 miles from the Box, so I guess no warrenty on the Michelins I bought.

To quote Fleetwood Mac “Ain’t never goin back again.”

“I love the smell of leaking antifreeze in the morning!”

So the guys at “Car Talk” told you I was wrong again, huh??

That other NPR show, “What do you know?” has the answer to your question:
“Not much — you?”

No offense to mechanics, I have met so many great ones!