Your Ideas on Donating/Scrapping/Trading 2003 Ford Explorer

My 2003 Ford Explorer with 150,000 miles needs a new engine. I’ve been told it will cost $8,000 to fix. I don’t want to put that much money this vehicle. Of course, we recently put new tires on it. It doesn’t run, so, what’s my best option for getting rid of it? Sell for scrap? Donate? Sell parts? Trade in? Any other ideas?

@JJPN What happened?
Why do you need a new engine?
Is your engine not repairable?
I would think you could get your engine going for considerably less than 8K
I would also think you could get a decent used engine installed for considerably less than 8K

Besides the engine, is the truck in decent shape?

@JJPN what engine do you have in the truck?

Get some other prices to replace the engine. $8K is very high price. You can swap a used motor into the car and at least get it running decently then decide to keep it or trade it. Finding a used motor for an '03 Explorer should be easy - lots were made and lots of them are wreaks with good engines sitting in auto recycling yards (aka salvage yards, or junk yards in old terminology). Many salvage yards actually will do the swap and they are pretty good at it.

+1 for @UncleTurbo. Try to find a low mileage engine still in the vehicle if you can. One that was totaled from the rear or side is the best bet.

Yes to all above. All engines used for that year are easy to find. A good used one should cost less than $1000. $1000-$1500 should get it installed. If you go this route have the rear main seal replaced.

I agree with all above. I hope you’re not still taking that to the dealership???

If you feel ok with buying new car, there is always one option available for your old one – scrap your car for charity. It’s something common nowadays when it comes to disposing your old vehicle and donating the money for a good cause.

Yes to all above advice.

I suspect OP has already scrapped the truck.

I also suspect we won’t be hearing from OP again