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I have a 1999 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer that needs a new engine

It’s my wife’s old car - she trashed it; but I am driving it now and it needs a new engine. My wife is pushing for replacing the engine - but my Dad says if the repair is more than the value…abort the car and get another one.

The other factor is that my wife and I like the 1999 Explorer - it’s a nice shell with nice options and it looks relatively good. If I get another used car at equal value…it’s probably not going to look as good.

What do I do? Help…anyone…please.

Luke Feerer

Assuming that your diagnosis of a new engine is correct…

Have the car thoroughly inspected for other problems (shocks, struts, brakes, exhaust system, frame rust, etc). Add up the cost of the engine plus the other needed repairs and see what kind of car you could get for the same amount of money.