Young Woman Lands Job Driving Her Ultimate Dream Vehicle... Hold The Onions, Please

Molly Ward went to college, earned a business degree, and put it to good use driving a hot dog!
This story reminded me of a time I took my young son to visit the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile at a local shopping area.
Anybody with young kids can check the Oscar Mayer schedule to see if the giant, rolling hot dog will be visiting.

Recent Grad Is Living Her Dream As Wienermobile Driver
Article Published in USA Today Network, (from Courtney Crowder, The Des Moines Register, November 17, 2015)

The fuel tank is in the left bun!

I wonder how many comments the poor lady will get about her buns. And about her “junk in the trunk”.

Jeeze, I feel like I should go to confession now… or at least say three Hail Marys.

I’ve encountered the Weinermobile out this way a couple times in my driving. It is sort of a surprising sight to see going down the road. There’s nothing in the way of food that says America more than hot dogs.

Edit: Now I think about it, I’m feeling a little hungry for a hot dog … lol …

Seems to me it was announced a few weeks ago that OM was closing their original plant in Madison, WI putting about 3000 (scrath that, only 1000 in Wisconsin but 2600 total) out of work. Moving their headquarters to Chicago. I think they said they had about a half dozen wienermobils. I don’t know what they are doing in Iowa but maybe have a plant there.

I remember feeling ripped off because they stopped handing out the little wiener whistles because some kid choked on one…

The First Wienermobile Was Launched Served Up In 1936!

Race car driver Al Unser Jr. got a 1988 model up to 110 mph at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway!


Good for her. That’s a better use for a business degree than a job on Wall Street, and probably a lot more fun.

Of course Al Under Jr. was a well known hot-dogger…
Sorry, couldn’t resist. :smiley: