Which side to pump gas from


Not the strangest thing I’ve seen at the fuel pumps… At least she got it close enough to get the nozzle IN… Maybe its the diesel nozzle in gas car… But it is IN there!

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definitely gasoline, I used to go to a Wawa regularly before we moved a few years ago, and diesel is the left hand nozzle, gasoline is the right hand :slight_smile:

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Never heard of a Wawa gas station.

Are they owned by Baba Wawa?


Wawa (company) - Wikipedia

Wawa is a chain of stations in PA, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, DC, and (oddly) Florida. They have Gas stations, and solo convenience stations. And no, they were founded by Grahame Wood in 1964. The great debate in PA is which gas station convenience store has the better food, Sheetz or Wawa (I tend to prefer Sheetz as they’re closer to me now than Wawa, though Wawa’s hoagies are better than Sheetz subs are).

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In Florida the food is Racetrac vs Wawa with the newest entry from Texas being Buc-Ees.

Buc-Ees may take the prize as they build out more stores. They are pretty amazing, even for a gas station/convienience store.

You guys didn’t get the Joke?

Think SNL.

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I got the joke. :wink:

that is a joke it is not funny but I get it


I completely forgot about that episode. Truthfully haven’t watched as much SNL over the last few years.

Gilda Radner from the seventies.


First off, my favorite SNL characters were Gilda Radner doing Baba Wawa, as Barbara Walters and Roseanne Roseannadanna the obnoxious personal advice expert. Next came Lily Tomlin as Ernestine the telephone operator and Edith Ann the five-year-old girl.

I even remember the Howdy Doody Show with Buffalo Bob and Clarabell. (Original Shows, not reruns…) c1955…

Challenge Questions; without looking it up (Google, Phone a friend, etc…), what was Howdy’s evil twin brother’s name and who or what was Clarabell (Hint: not a cow…)? Again, “No Peeking…”

If this is all new to you, please Google or YouTube the characters, it will be worth it…

However, back on point… The Costco in Newport News, Virginia, has installed extra-long hoses on their pumps with a sign that says, “Pump from Either Side.” The hoses are hung up high and they are long enough that you do not have to drag the hose over the roof of your car to reach the filler cap. Seems to work perfectly for all but the tallest SUVs, etc… or if you park tooooo far from the pumps…

Just as a reminder, most “newer” vehicles have an “arrow” on the fuel gauge (insert in photo…) to remind the driver which side the Filler Cap is on…


well I guess the back of the vehicle is considered a side. LOL

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In the late '70s (back in the days when I spent a lot of time in Manhattan), I happened to run into Gilda on Hudson Street, in The Village, as she was wheeling her bike along the sidewalk where I was walking. Perhaps she was just indulging me, but she seemed to be a genuinely warm person who wasn’t put-off by a fan-boy approaching her. I didn’t ask for her autograph, but I have fond memories of chatting with her for a couple of minutes. She died far too young.


Every BJ’s I’ve seen has the same setup.

NO WAWA and no Sheetz Batman. Yes the hoses are long enough at Costco to go to the other side if needed, the pumps on the right usually are a shorter line.

That is the way that Costco does it at all of their gas stations.

Being able to pump from either side would have helped my dad, before the little arrow to show which side the filler was on existed he had a state fleet car that needed to be filled up before returning to the office so he thought he would just pull the filler door release and watch his mirrors to see which side, then after nothing happened in the side mirrors he looked in the rear-view. He opened the trunk instead.


No safe, but was convenient to have the gas fillers in the rear. My favorite was the 56 Chevy.

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Agree might not have been the safest thing but like you I liked them. especially the ones behind the license tags.