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You have to see this video

@bing, it was probably your great-great-grandfather parking for his visit to UM Medical Center.

Naw, they’ve been dead for a long time and before cars. I’ll check the cemetery again to make sure though.

That video reminded me of this one. (warning: some strong language)

The person in that video clearly doesn’t understand the relationship between movement of the steering wheel and movement of the car’s front wheels–and it is scary to contemplate how this person would fare in an evasive maneuver situation where split-second decision-making was necessary.

From the aspect ratio, it’s a cell phone camera. (first video)

How did these people get drivers licenses?

I like this parking job better:

It appears that the driver had already impacted the right front part of the vehicle, causing damage to a tire, the fender, the bumper, the headlight area, and very likely the wheel bearing. Then, with the added multiple traumas inflicted on the left side, I would guess that–at Porsche prices–there could well be almost $10k damage to repair.

As was already asked…
How do these people manage to get driver’s licenses?
but, more importantly…
How do they manage to keep them?

Yeah. An article I saw on it said he’d done a hit and run and was trying to hide the Porsche before the cops found him.

Guess he doesn’t know that cops can use the internet too…

Yep, in Canada a 16 year old without a license took out mom’s Porsche when she was out of town, had an accident (no injuries), then fled and tried to park it back in the garage.

Dad did it, Mom. I didn’t touch your car.

Things may be different in Canada, but in The US I believe that anything that befalls your car when it is used by an underage/unlicensed driver is not covered by insurance.

I got a bit afraid when I saw her walk in back of the vehicle.
Hopefully the kid will get what’s coming to him.

In many countries that “driver” would never has passed his test and obtained a license.

My understanding is that he hadn’t taken his test and obtained his license yet.
I pray that my understanding is correct…

I believe that mountainbike is correct.
I don’t know about Canada (where that Porsche video was taped), but in my state, if an unlicensed, underage driver is involved in a collision, he will not be able to get his license legally until at least the age of 18, and that is over and above other penalties that might be imposed for the crimes that me may have committed against other drivers or pedestrians.