You can't fix stupid

thought you may have a laugh…

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The real tragedy is the “Carolina Squat” on that truck.


Life is hard. It’s harder if you’re stupid.

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Believe it or not, this isn’t the worst example of stupid harm from chasing those social media likes.

A woman in the north part of my state went to prison for shooting her boyfriend. The two had concocted a Youtube stunt to get shot without getting hurt by having the boyfriend hold a book in front of him while she shot him. Needless to say, books aren’t bulletproof, and he died.

The annual issue of The Darwin Awards has many examples of tohose rejecting the laws of nature and killing themselves in the process.


As time goes on, there’s less and less that I understand about folks that post videos on social media.

Aside from getting attention and/or “likes”…why do people spend their time creating these stupid videos, and then posting them online for the world to see (or laugh at)?

Now get off my lawn, you kids! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


There are MILLIONAIRES who made their fortune by posting this stupid stuff on social media.

If you achieve “influencer” status on social media, you can often replace your regular job with it. Some people with a million followers are making a quarter-million per post because brands are paying them to post what are essentially ads for their products. Even people with a relatively paltry 10,000 subscribers can get into 6 figures per year if they’re dedicated.

Maybe so. But it’s not a truly lasting, valuable “skill” that can take care of you for a lifetime.

Maybe that’s a bit romanticized. But just like the high school football star who suddenly gets injured his senior year…all of a sudden the cheers/money can dry up just that quick.

If you were making $250,000 every time you made a 30 second video, you’d only need to make 60 to be able to retire with more than 7 million in the bank after taxes.

Who needs lasting skills for a lifetime with money like that? I guarantee if I had 7 million in the bank right now, I’d be done with the work-a-day grind. I’d live off the interest and do what I pleased for the rest of my life.




… and…

“Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.”
George Carlin


Doesn’t have to be. Some of these kids have made more money in 5 years then my wife and I have made in our lifetimes.

I’d kill to have 10k subscribers to my new baseball podcast…I’d love to work for 6 figures doing that instead of my regular job :slight_smile: but I also decided to do it for my own enjoyment and not a primary source of income. (although, I won’t complain if that changes lol)

There are kids (16 and younger) who make MILLIONS from their subscribers just watching them play their favorite game. So other people with money will PAY to watch these kids play a game. You can’t see the person…just watch their actions on the screen.

Only In America - well actually world wide now.

was the SNAP sound his head bouncing off the ground or his ankle?
looked like it hurt.