You can't fix "stupid"

Aside from demonstrating that Land Rover’s “legendary” AWD system isn’t as wonderful as they claim, this Rover owned proved that he isn’t very smart when it comes to things automotive:


I’m from Jersey! Heh Heh

Are YOU from Jersey?? Heh heh heh… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


While I haven’t been able to confirm the information, the internet “buzz” is that the driver and vehicle were from NY.

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So says everyone from New Jersey that saw this article… wouldn’t want Jersey to get a bad rep… :wink:

Reminds me of my younger self, ca. 1973, springtime in Missouri next to the flooding Current River. Let’s say I had too much confidence in my new Fiat 128’s “Front! Wheel! Drive!” and too little comprehension of the necessity for tire-to-surface traction!

Back then a wrecker from 25 miles away cost all of $25, if memory serves.

As someone who used to live in CT, I am going to say this would not have happened in CT!

I was Food and Bev director at the Holiday Inn Boardwalk in Daytona Beach. The restaurant was on the 18th floor. During Spring Break a number of parked cars would get flooded in the rising tide. I don’t know how other 4wd cars would do in the same situation,

Now that you mention that topic Barky, whatever happened to those Girls Gone Wild tv commercials? I sure miss those darn Girls Gone Wild. Those girls, they ain’t driving their Land Rover into the ocean like that, they have more common sense … :wink:

I’ve long suspected that God loves idiots. He made millions of them, and scattered them about everywhere. He even put a few “stupid synapses” in all our brains. We all do stupid things now & again.

Anyone here who’s never done anything stupid raise your hand.


No hands going up . . . :slight_smile:

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That Rover reminds me of one night about 11 o’clock in very thick fog after 3 solid days of rain and trying to take a nasty 35 MPH curve at 60 on a full dress Harley…

Mommy and Daddy aren’t going to be very happy about that. Or where does a 20 year old get the $60-80K? Why did the dateline say Berkely though? Was it CA, NY, or NJ?

The article looks like a situation that most of of us could have easily found ourselves in during our youth, (and beyond our youth). And some of us have.

The story was filed from Berkeley Township, NJ, which–I assume–is the closest town to that state park.

After the company’s founder/owner was convicted of tax evasion, bribery, false imprisonment, assault, witness tampering, records falsification, child abuse, and prostitution, the company kinda disappeared.

Last I heard he was hiding in Mexico to avoid a lawsuit involving him failing to turn his Bentley over in furtherance of his bankruptcy filing.

Who’d have thought a guy who made his living exploiting drunk young girls would turn out to be a criminal! :wink:


Not to change the subject from drunk girls to cars, but did you notice that right rear tire was almost flat? Wonder if that messed with the 4wd or something or if he tried to lower the pressure to increase traction. What a snot nosed know it all though.

Without doubt!
And, even though it is a different type of “stupid” than the Land Rover in the Water scenario, here is this morning’s stupid driver from my local newspaper. This one is very lucky that he didn’t kill himself, or others:

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this idiot’s insurance company drops him.


One thing that comes to mind is that if you are buying a used engine from the junk yard, check to see if it has pavement scratches on the thing first. You may want to select another one instead.

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