Flood cars

ive fixed tons of these cars and i can tell you its comeback city.Salt water floods never ever buy every connector in the vehicle will corrode at some point.fresh water cars you have to worry about the motor(bent or broken rods,rings,valves)and say it doesnt have any of these how do you know that the lot or salvage yard it comes from didnt lets say quick fix the motor sling a rod in they had layin around along with having the block welded were it came out?tons of electrical issues body control modules,pcm’s,sdm’s,warning lights stayin on in the cluster because of communication problems between modules or the salvage yard just puts one in and tell’s you its a programing issue most modules now a days are vin matched.also the smell and mold issues some people claim they have had good luck with them i guess and say 1 out of 10 people might?

An eloquent summary of my very thoughts – well said!

didn’t the price of tea in china just go up i tell you its been cold here.but warm tomorrow all of a sudden. and i hate when i just painted the door and the dog all got up in the wet paint but its ok i got the egr problem sorted out

I guess you have jumbled thoughts?

I was food and beverage director at Holiday Inn Boardwalk at Daytona Beach. Spring break was always a lesson in stupidity of visitors. It would start with the sunburned kids who needed ice in the bath to relieve sunburn, to kids that fell asleep on the beach and needed their car towed out of the ocean after the tide came in. There were at least 6 cars per day inundated by sea water, sometimes up to the roof. Pity the fool that bought one of those.

Wal Mart must be sold out of punctuation. :frowning:

This is what happens when you post while drinking 4Loko.

Were i used to work is one of the places that used to sell these exact cars.Every car that came in was a low flood,yea right mud in the domelight, and nothing worked at all but all they would tell you was it will take $500.00 of electrical and the car will be a 100%.Thousands of dollars later you still dont have a car that runs and drives!One of my favorites though had to be when a customer wanted to see an engine turn over,well the reply to this one was it needs a starter,yea good one to tell someone just hope they dont look under the car to see a big hole in the block were someone tryed starting it with water sitting on top of the pistons and now of a v6 it a v4.5 1 broke and 1 bent rod.

Dear poolplayer, please don’t drink before you post… unless, of course, you are sober but illiterate, and thus, have no idea how to construct a sentence, in which case, you need to go back to school, and get your GED.

Jeff and ok, you are correct but less tolerant than I, (or is it me?). I prefer to let the Queens English slide as long as I can make out an intelligible post. As you know, that is not always possible and hope pool takes your advice. I think Jeff you are a little too hard on pool because chat room speak in general has dismissed “Proper” English. Though we admire proper adherence to the rules there is no reason to denigrate or assume someones abilities, academic achievement, or current level of intoxication based on a post that brushes your hair the wrong way.

I’m with you, Waterboy.

Behind that post is a person trying to help others not to make the mistake of buying a flood vehicle. Behind the English is a good heart. A good heart is the most important thing the almighty will judge us by, and if it’s good enough for him (her?) it should be good enough for us.

thx im not no english major and my handwriting isn’t all that great neither,maybe my post are sloppy but one thing i know is flood cars,was just trying to be helpful,sorry to offend anyone with my post i just found this sight like a day ago figured i would help out anyone i could,but since hand writing etique come’s 1st and foremost for a few i see ill work on my posting skill’s,maybe find one of them books posting for dummies,oh and get me a dictionary so i can learn how to spell,cause im sure ill get graded on this post too! dont be to hard on me ill settle for a D+.

You actually improved from the 1st post in grammar and spelling. You get an A+ for courage and honesty.

I too give you an A+ simply for trying to help others.