O.k. it leave headlights set to on - always?

I recently had to replace my 97 Volvo 850 due to an accident. After much research, I purchased a used 2008 Acura TSX. TSX is great but I miss one feature of my 850 that is lacking on my TSX - daytime running lights ! (My TSX is NOT a 2009 and it is NOT a Canadian model) Well, I’ve decided to turn on my headlights and NOT turn them off. They go off within 15 seconds (default which may be set to 0, 15, or 60) after the ignition is turned off and they go back on when the driver’s door is opened. This seems fine - sort of a ‘pseudo DRL’ - but I’m not 100 per cent sure this is o.k. for the car. My husband says it’s fine and that I worry too much. Other comments or experience with a similar situation ?

Thank you,

Patty Brown

Sunnyvale CA

As long as the timer works you should be fine. If the timer fails the lights will stay on and drain your battery, but other than that I can’t see a problem.

Why not just getting in the habit of turning the lights on every time you start the car, then turning them off when you shut off the engine. That’s what I do when I drive my Acura.

Well you will be replacing the lights more often, but maybe not too much more. While it may appear that the DRLs just turn the head lights on, that is not true. They turn the headlights on at about 80% if normal voltage, witch means they get about half the normal wear per hour.

Lamps are not expensive, but some cars are a real pain to change out the lamps.

This is the only time in your husband’s married life that he has been right.

It’s not going to hurt the car at all. You may have to get new bulbs a little more frequently. If your TSX has HIDs that could be several hundred bucks. But if it just has conventional bulbs then it’ll be closer to $30. Personally think DRLs are unnecessary.

Personally I think they should be mandatory.
I hate driving around during a rain/snow storm, fog, etc and, despite low visibility, people refuse to turn their lights on.

In many states it’s against the law to not have your headlights on when your windshield wipers are on. Granted I’ve never seen it enforced though. In my neck of the woods people are pretty good about turning their lights on in the rain. I’d say there’s at least 95% compliance.

I would estimate compliance in my area at about 90%.
The consistent scofflaws are those in pickup trucks and in SUVs.
Apparently, one is invincible when driving a vehicle that heavy.

As a driver viewing OTHER people with DRL, I don’t care for, and don’t think that low wattage DRL are any advantage.
For visibily’s sake, I can actually see the oncoming cars best when they have their headlights on as opposed to those drl that use 3157 bulbs or half wattage headlamps. Low wattage drl does not offer any visibility advantage in bright daylight sun.
Like the motorcyclist, I turn on my headlights to be seen. You can too. And as you’ve mentioned, you will turn them to the ‘always on’ selection and the timer WILL take care of the rest. You’ll be better off and more visible with the headlights on as opposed to just DRL.

I always have my lights on when I’m driving regardless of the weather or time of day. Mine go off when opening the driver’s door and back on when the engine is restarted.

I’d want to set the default to zero, just so you can be sure they’re off when leaving the vehicle parked. There’s no reason for them to be on for 15 seconds that I can see unless you’re walking up a dark driveway at night of something of that nature.

It’s ok, leave them on if you wish.