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Yankee coke and dr pepper ARE different!

I moved to NYC from the South ten years ago and discovered that sodas up here ARE different.

In the South, Dr. Pepper and Coke are both made with cane sugar - because Southerners would taste the difference if the recipe were EVER changed - but in the Nawth they’re married with corn syrup. If you get the kosher kind, it’s still made with cane sugar - and tastes right.

Thus, the lady from Dallas is right! Yankee coke/dr pepper IS different.

Yup – I was hearing the show while on my way to the supermarket, where (as it happened) the Dr. Pepper vendor was stocking the shelves. I mentioned the caller’s comment about southern vs northern Dr. Pepper, and he said that in Texas it is made with cane sugar.

Steve in La Crosse, Wis.

Yeah, and I don’t like okra because I’ve never had it cooked right.

ANYONE can tell the difference. The Coke you’re drinking was probably made in Mexico, where they still use cane sugar.

“because Southerners would taste the difference…” Right, only SOUTHERNERS.

Around 10-15 yrs ago is when they largely switched to HFCS from cane sugar, and did so nationally. If you go back down South now you’d see that they don’t use cane sugar any more, except whent they do the “throwback” versions. Mexican Coke still uses cane sugar.

I listened to the rebroadcast of this show this morning and thought of another reason why northern DR Pepper tastes different. Northern Dr Pepper probably uses “genuine” Connecticut nutmeg, hand carved from local hardwood during those long new england winter evenings.

Hmmmmm. As I understood it, the only Dr. Pepper still made with cane sugar is right around Stephenville, TX where the oldest DP bottling plant is located. I’m pretty sure they’re using HFCS everywhere else, except in the kosher versions, as mentioned earlier.

You are correct, they also use as many returnable bottles as they can get their hands on. People drive for hundreds of miles to buy directly from this bottling plant.

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