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Xzlion - The Ultimate Auto Protection

Does anyone know anything about this?? I just purchased a new vehicle and dealership tried to sell us this xzilon molecular adhesion package which is marketed as ultimate interior/exterior protection. Supposedly protects finish against “acid rain”/bird droppings etc and supposed to never have to wax the car. At a cost of $400 plus tax, I would like some feed back before making a decision. Thanks.

Pure nonsense. This is maybe $20 of product, $40 of application, and $340 of pure dealer profit. Ignore everything they tell you about it, along with any other add-ons they force on you when you’re trying to close the deal. Chief among them will be an extended warranty.

I’d have to ask “Is the paint on this car unable to withstand acid rain / bird dropppings without the use of this product”. If the car needs this stuff to survive, I’d find another car.

Check the manufacturer, and I do NOT mean ask the dealer. If the manufacturer does not recommend this product then it is pure dealer upselling.

You do know, by the way, that this is going to be a very expensive coat of wax put on the car.

The name has an “x” AND a “z”, so it must be special…

The way I look at it is X and z are the LAST things I want. LOL !!!

If they ask more than once(After you’ve told them “no” once), then look them in the eye and sternly tell them that if the car has such an inferior paint job that it needs this “wax”, you’ll be looking for a car that doesn’t, and then ask for your money back that you’ve put down on the car. Then watch them stumble over themselves trying to back out of it

That stuff will be about as beneficial as bird droppings too.

This hokum has been marketed over the years under thousands of names and one is as worthless as the other.
It’s simply part of the dealer ADP (additional dealer profit) Program.

Ask any of the salesmen to show you receipts where they had this applied to their personal cars…