Xenon headlights don't light the road well

I have a 2005 maxima with xenon headlights. While driving on dark streets near our home it is very obvious these headlights are not lighting the road as well as our other cars. Sadly, there is just a small puddle of light on the road. Not the wider and further reaching light touted by the xenon lovers. Had the dealer look at them for alignment today. They say they are in alignment. Need help-really cannot see with these headlights.

There are a lot of Xenon lights. Are you talking about OEM light or lights that were fitted after the fact?

You may want to consider finding a good local INDEPENDENT mechanic. While they, like dealers, vary in quality, they almost always will cost less. Dealers are no better or worse than independents.

Assuming the dealer is correct, I would suggest:

  • The lamps may be old and no as bright as new. Poor connections or low voltage can also cause brightness issues.

  • Many people have problems with the modern plastic head light covers. They tend to get sand blasted. They may need polishing or replacement.

    Have you owned the car since 2005? If not how long have you had the car? How were the lights when you fist got the car? How are lights in other cars? Have you had your eyes checked.

    Personally I am very disappointed that the US government allowed the auto interest to get the laws changed so the designers could make those designer look lights rather than stick with the sealed beam (E-codes sealed beams produce a very nice light). Why do the auto makers allow designers to do the job of engineers?

To add to what Joseph said, make sure you don’t have a leak allowing the inside of the covers to get wet and dirty.

Have you seen other Maximas like yours around town? Maybe you could ask the owner to compare his lights with yours some evening.

Did these Xenon headlamps come with the car, or did you install aftermarket headlamps?

If they are aftermarket lamps, go back to the OEM lamps.