Xenon headlight will not light


Have a 2002 330. A month ago the driver side head light would not come on. Now the left light will come on and the right flickers but will not light. No accidents. Have had the bulbs checked.

What would cause this?

Each headlight has a control module that regulates the power to the headlight bulbs. There may be a problem with the control modules.


Yes, you could buy a LIFETIME supply of Sealed Beams for what this is going to cost you to repair…

If your lamps are good, then the problem may be defective ballasts or else a wire connection problem. If the lamps are ok then interchange the ballasts. If the problem/symptom is moved to the other side, then it’s the ballasts. If the problem does not move, it’s likely the wiring. I doubt that it’s the wiring.

That said, we have a car with HID (xenon) lamps and another without and I can’t see any advantage, so to speak. HID headlamps, however, do a nice job of blinding me when I am a pedestrian on a dark road. I would be in favor of opting out of HID headlamps on a car even for no money saved on the purchase cost.

If one or ours ever fails I will look hard at converting to halogen lamps to see if that is possible.

Caddy(edit: Whoops, didn’t read the name of the poster), I don’t think sealed beams would look right on a BMW 330. r are you referring to the halogen bulbs?

Not a big fan of Xenon. Will have to have Tech look at controlers and ballast. I will ask if lights can be changed out. Thank you all for your input.