Xenon Headlights - Yes or No

I’m buying a new 2008 BMW 528xi and the dealer located one that has all the options I want plus xenon headlights. Does anyone have an opinion on xenon either pro or con? Thanks.

If those headlight assemblies are stolen, you could be looking at a HUGE bill for their replacement. While theft of Xenon headlight assemblies is most common in urban areas, it has even occurred in affluent suburban and rural areas.

When you factor the theft problem in with the constant flashing of headlights from oncoming motorists who think that your high beams are illuminated, you may not like having these on your car.

While I wouldn’t go out of my way to find a car with them, it wouldn’t keep me from buying the car.

Its all an opinion thing. Now that it is getting dark early, take one with and one without the xenons out for a test drive, or see if the dealer will give you a loaner with xenons overnight. I personnally really like my xenon lights (on a 2006 530xi), and because the area I live in is pretty full of them, I hardly ever get lights flashed at me by people thinking I have high beams on.

And although I have never heard of anybody having their headlights stolen, perhaps that question is best answered by your insurance company.

I would avoid them. When they first came out they were going to be the next thing everyone needed. Well not everyone wants them. Some people love them. I don’t want the original cost or maintenance.

My Infiniti is my first car to have xenon headlights. They are so good that I would never want to do without them. It is important that they be a factory installation and properly aimed so that they do not blind oncoming drivers.

As far as repair cost is concerned, get a low deductible on your comprehensive insurance. That won’t add much to your total premium, but could save you a bundle if a headlight is ruined by a flying rock.

Absolutely take them. I used to feel the same way till I got them but you can see so much better at night, no comparison. Plus the light has a finer upper division so that no reason for them to shine in other peoples eyes. They are more focused and not as spread out as a halogen. One night we encountered about 15 deer in as many mile in pitch dark and I saw each one way ahead of time. No way I would be without them now unless I had to. I think now that they are more common, theft is not the problem anymore. The bulbs though are over $100 if they burn out.

My wife’s BMW has them and I really like them. I may feel differently after one fails and I have to replace it…