What would you buy? both 15 yrs old. For a really tall guy.
A Mercury Grand Marquis with 80k miles, or a Lexus LS with 180k miles?

Grand Marquis.if it is decent shape. Otherwise, neither. There are too many miles on the Lexus.

The Mercury Marquis, but only if it is the “de Sade” special edition. :wink:

Mercury after you have it inspected.

How old is the “really tall guy,” exactly?

MGM is a good car, but highly old fartish. I had a chance at a cherry Gran Fury in my 20s and passed…because “only old guys, who still wore hats, drove cars like that.”

The tall guy is 24, and six and half feet tall. He has had the GM before, and is “tired of them”.
Are there any other options for such freaks of nature?

Here’s a list of ten, and you’ll never guess what the #1 pick is:

If I were the 24 year old in question, I’d be going for #10: Porsche 944. Around here you can get a nice 100k mile 944 for $7k.

Out of all these, I believe the Mazda is probably the only reliable one.

A lower mileage Lexus.