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Wut to do next?

I have 95 chevy Low oil light is on white smoke coming from talepipe no visible water in the oil no leaks on the ground water is not jumping out of the radiator cap it cranks rite up and is able to drive… please help with advice

this part was also smoking under the hood

Wut is this part ?? Is it a air filter?

What are the oil dip stick and coolant tank levels?

The EGR valve is burning up.

Have you checked the oil level?


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I have added oil untill the light goes off… wake up in the morning the light is back on

The last time I added oil light did not go off then started seeing the white smoke… I just got the car not much knowledge about it

Thanks… if replaced?? Wut about the white smoke from talepipe

The oil level is good… never checked the coolant level because it wasn’t running hot

I will have to check on it tomorrow… car is parked away from my home

Could just be from oil burning. Or gasoline that somehow passed into the tailpipe (like from a misfire). Some white smoke is normal when first starting the engine. If this is happening when the engine is at normal operating trempertures, could also be coolant is getting into the cylinder. Head gasket breech is one way that could happen.

Yes that’s rite but burning oil would be black rite… it’s a lot of white smoke… i Also smell gass by the egine… exhaust has a funny smell (the white smoke has a smell)

Kind of prepared to replace the motor… only signs to do so is the white smoke… besides the fact that the oil isn’t leaking but it is reading low

I may have more then one problem…just was looking for a quick or easy fix available… I’ll try to get it checked out tomorrow

THANKS for the comments and advice… my car runs fine now