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MY toyota camery is smoking white smoke from my tail pipe aftet i changed the oil in it which it had not been changed in a very long time and now a couple plugs are fouling out too… what do you think this could be

White smoke is from coolant getting into the combustion area. Did this problem begin immediately after the change, like at the time of the first engine start-up after putting in the new oil?

If the oil was that neglected, you may have coked up rings. Keep your oil clean by changing it every 3,000 until the rings clear up. You’ll need to keep checking the plugs, too.

No it started after i drove it for about 20 miles is when i noticed it when i checked the spark plugs one has been soaked with oil and it runs like its missing some cylinders

Oh ya and it has burned about a quart of oil already

A compression test and leak-down test is in order. That much oil burn may indicate a severely worn out cylinder or broken rings. Prepare yourself for some bad news.