WTD, When pressing the gas yields little acceleration

I have an 01 Audi 1.8T automatic wagon. The engine light has generally been on for about 2 years now. I know that sounds horrible, but we’ve had her maintained properly and right after she’s serviced, the light turns off for a while. But, it always comes back on. Now we are starting to experience hesitation when we press the gas pedal. Pressing, pressing down more…hesitation…hesitation…BOOM!Lurch forward at max RPM then sudden and noticeable gear shift. This has actually happened before, but it was much more sudden and much more severe. Brought her to the dealership and they kept her for 4 days w/out ever really “finding the problem” but swapping out the engine temp sensor.

I’ve had two mechanics tell me that we might need to replace 1) The Mas air flow sensor. Another said 2) Replace the secondary air flow something something.

I am getting ready to sell this car in the next few months and want to get that light off for good and know in my heart that when her new owners step on the gas, what they expect to happen (simply going) will, in fact, happen.

Of lesser concern: when the car is warmed up (or if it’s warm outside), there is a metal rolling sound coming from under the car that occurs as if there is a little bolt stuck in some rotating part.

Any ideas on any of this? Thanks for reading.

Has the fuel filter ever been changed??

The engine light has been on for 2 years and you don’t know what code or codes are being expressed by the engine light? In case you are not aware, when the engine light comes on, it means that the on-board computer wants to tell you something. If you know what it is trying to tell you, you have a good place to start looking for the problem. Any shop, or even Autozone can read the code(s) and tell you what they mean in general terms.

I have not in the 3.5 years that I’ve owned it. Would you mind elaborating on how this could affect the car?

I apologize if this is a repeat post/reply… the one I just wrote isn’t showing up:
I have had this issue addressed since the first time the light came on. I’ve been to the dealership numerous times (and refuse to go back anymore), to two audi specialists and one independent mechanic. No one has solved this problem for more than a week. And only on two occasions have I ever had an actual “symptom” that went along with the light that prompted me to go. Any suggestions?

A clogged fuel filter reduces the amount of fuel that can be delivered to the engine. The engine needs more fuel to accelerate.

Get the codes read that are causing the engine light and post the actual codes here.  They should be in the format [P0123]  

So far the mechanics you have used seem to be in the replace mode and not in the diagnostic mode.

First, it would help if you re-stated the symptoms, only. What we have so far is: 1. The check engine light has been coming on for years. After “servicing”, the light “turns off for awhile”. How long?
2.When the gas pedal is pressed, there is hesitation until there is sudden power surge. Always? Sometimes? When?
3. There is a list of parts which have been thrown at the problem: Engine coolant temperature sensor (ECT); and what parts?
If you don’t have the code for the check engine light, it would help ever so much if you would get it. Some of the auto parts chain stores will pull the code, for free. Bring that code here, in its bare form, such as: P0387.
An understanding of how car systems function helps to understand it when something mis-functions. Normal function: when you press the gas pedal, the throttle plate moves (hopefully), and the throttle position sensor (tps) tells the engine computer that fact (and, how quickly). The engine computer orders the fuel injectors to spray more fuel, and orders the idle air control valve (iac) to by pass more air into the intake.
One of these things isn’t happening as it should. There are tests, and checks, to be performed on each one. It seems that those tests/checks haven’t been done on your car.
There may be a problem with the automatic transmission functions. You need a qualified transmission shop to check that out.
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Thanks for the knowledge. I will head to auto zone today and see about getting the code(s), and report back.
To answer about symptoms:
*The check engine light was the first sign. It happened after about 6 months of owning the car. I take it to a local specialist. He runs down a list of fixable problems mostly having to do with the brakes. I fix them all. I ask about the engine light. He says the Mass Air Flow Sensor is testing out-of-range. He recommends a “friend” at the dealership who should get it fixed for me under warranty.
*I take it to the dealership where they “diagnose” a faulty vacuum check valve (am I getting that right?) and replace. They tell me that the Mass Air Flow Sensor must be diagnosed as faulty or broken BY THEM, and assure me it is fully functional. I drive away unhappy, but the engine light is out. 48 hours later, the light comes back on.
*I regularly maintain the car, get oil changes and tune-ups at the recommended intervals. Suddenly, there is an acceleration problem. Press the gas…a little movement… press more… and POW! Thrust forward with an eery amount of Gforce. I take it to the dealership saying: you must now fix this problem. They keep my car for 4 days and never “find a thing.” So, they replace the ECT, with the reason that it is probably malfunctioning and therefore the engine is not getting gas when it needs it. Engine light? Out for one day. Then, back on. Acceleration slowly recovers.
*I take it to yet another specialist for an oil change. He shows me the printout stating the mass air flow sensor is within range, however the secondary air flow-thingy–(yes, I am cardumb. trying to remedy this)-- is out of range and that this could cause the acceleration problem which is starting again. Engine light is a constant fiery beacon reminding me that I am not done spending money yet.
*Acceleration problem kindof goes away for a bit, and now is starting back up.

  • I want to “fix” my car. I am likely going to sell her after the big mechanical issues are fixed. But they just don’t seem to ever GET FIXED. If I replace the air flow system components, the fuel filter… will this help? What else can I do? Help?

I don’t “speak” Audi. What does WTD mean? What is the Audi model? Is the engine a turbo-diesel? Does your Audi have “drive-by-wire” throttle?
Whether your throttle is drive-by-wire, or has a cable, it needs attention. You should be able to find a mechanic who understands either type.