Accleration hesitation, lurching into action?


I have a 1995 VW Golf III with 118,000+ miles on it, automatic transmission. Recently, I had been having trouble with what I fear may be the transmission. Sometimes, when I press on the accelerator the engine seems like it is actually slowing down and the car ceases to be propelled forward by anything but momentum, until it seems that things just snap into place and I am moving again. I have learned that holding the gas down or pressing further only results in a harder jolt and a really revved engine when it recovers, so when it happens I ease off the gas and ease back on until the car comes around.

While I cannot seem to regularly duplicate the incidents, I have learned that there are some precursor symptoms before this is going to happen:

- regular slight depression of the gas pedal to control my speed during normal driving will result in gentle to ever-increasing lurching/shuddering of the vehicle (either when putting foot on pedal or when taking foot off)

- the feeling is similar to when someone is driving a manual trans. and isn’t really good at switching off between the clutch and gas.

- it is most likely to happen when accelerating from a stopped position or very slow speed (as in when making a turn)

Any ideas on what this could be and how long I have until I must to decide to fix or get a new car?


I don’t think its your transmission. You should be getting a check engine light, I’d recommend going to an AutoZone or similar store and get the codes scanned. They do it for free.


Thanks! I’ll do that.


I have a '99 Ford Taurus doing exactly the same thing. Check engine just came on today - were you able to get it checked? Any outcomes?



Follow up: I got my check engine light checked out. It told me Speed Sensor Circuit Condition. The speed sensor is bad and will cost me less than $25 for a new one.