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Wouldn't move in Drive

Yesterday morning I backed out of my garage and then put it in drive and the car wouldn’t move, I thought my hand brake was on but it wasn’t I put the card in 2nd and it moved and when I put it

back in drive it wouldn’t. I drove in 2nd up to my gate and then when I entered into the road I tried and it started to move and the finally was back to normal Took it to a Toyota Dealer and they found nothing wrong?

We need more basic info here to help you. What year 4runner?? Which engine? How many miles on it?? Has the trans been serviced every 25-30k miles like it should?? When serviced are you using Toyota fluid??


Could this also be your post??? They seem awful familiar??


1999 6 cylinder 3400 4 CAM SR 5 140,000. Yes, the trans is serviced I take it to the local Toyota Dealership. They only use toyota products on my vehicle. I bought it used 8 years ago and have it serviced every 3000 miles and never have taken it anywhere but Lithia Toyota in Redding, CA. I took it to them yesterday and they kept it overnight and ran every test and no leaks fluid level was good and basically they said they couldn’t find a thing wrong.
It was in the 30’s the morning I had trouble, but it was in the 20’s the morning before and no problems.
It’s my only car and I am concerned.