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Trans issues

2000 toyota 4runner with issues when shifting to drive. the car creeps slowly and i basically have to let the engine heat up. trans fluid replaced less than 1000 miles ago. has only been acting up since it has gotten cold. in the afternoons there is no issue. 145k miles on the truck.

How many miles on your 2000 Toyota?

I assume you mean that when in gear with your foot off the brake and the parking brake not engaged, the car may creep.

First I suggest that you may need to adjust the idle speed. Second I suggest that it is usually not a good idea to leave a car in gear with out having the parking brake on

This might be a good idea to consider changing the transmission fluid.  How old is the fluid you now have.  Transmission fluid is the one major maintenance item that is not on the list in the owner's manual of most cars.  It should be.

You would do better to stick with your original thread.

It’s right around 145k miles. Correct, when I engage from Park-Reverse-Drive it only creeps. My foot is on the break of course when shifting and when I engage the accelerator it creeps forward. When I let it warm I keep it in park so no I don’t let it idle in drive. The transmission fluid was changed about 600 miles ago. It only does this in the cold mornings.

Thank you. I was not getting new notifications to my email and when I tried to open earlier I only was showing three comments. thank you!

Mr. Meehan, the OP posted the mileage, 145K, and said that he just changed the fluid, both in his original post or do I have a little dyslexia today?