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'Would You Like My Car to Make You Some Water?'

‘Would You Like My Car to Make You Some Water?’

’ A new system designed by Ford engineers collects water from the
air-conditioner’s condensing coils, filters it and then delivers it to
people in the car.’

Distilled water!

From the article
“There are people in a lot of locations who don’t have easy access to fresh water — arid regions, remote regions,”
I’d bet many if not most of these locations don’t even have a car much less one with working A/C. And very very few people that would be able to afford a new car with this most likely expensive option. But it is an interesting idea. Would I be willing to take my chances on water (filtered or not) from that mold and bacteria breeding ground that is the evaporator core. box. That’s a completely different story.


Exactly. This might be neat on a brand new car, but on a 10 year old vehicle that’s built up a nice layer of biologicals on everything in the evap chamber?

… I mean, astronauts drink water distilled from their urine and it’s perfectly fine, but something tells me Ford isn’t putting NASA-level decon apparatus into this thing.

It might be NASA level, but without the extraordinary level of testing involved in NASA projects. The ISS items are produced in very small quantities, too, and that drives up cost. Mass production and the possibility of replacement can make the cost to Ford a lot lower.

You can buy filters that let you drink out of a muddy puddle, so filtering out the microbes isn’t a real problem. But whether it’s worth all the trouble, I don’t know. Would take a special set of circumstances.

Cruising across the Atacama desert?

It’s clearly a gimmick. I doubt that it’ll be commonplace anywhere on earth ever.
I wonder who the genius (I use the term loosely) is who came up with the idea.

Yeah, driving across the Atacama is unusual. Even the Three Stooges from Top Gear only did it once.

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I saw that question and immediately thought, "No Thank You! :astonished:

It’s been a few decades since I read the book Gulliver’s Travels, but if I recall there was a punishment/fine for "making water in the castle." A few hundred years ago there was no indoor plumbing. :wink:

When asked that question, I would reflexively respond, "No, would you like me to _ _ _ _ on your _ _ _ _ ! Sorry! :smile:

No need for A/C to get water, one of the byproducts of burning hydrocarbons is water. Burning hydrogen, almost all water.