Would you buy a fuel filler neck from a junkyard?

I need a fuel filler neck for my Dodge Grand Caravan 3.0 ltre v.6; From the dealer it is 365.00 plus tax. One of the auto parts places can get one for 150.00, or I can find one at the junkyard that they say is good for 30.00. since vehicle is 10 years old I’m inclined to go with the 30.00 - local mechanics say the yard is a good one and they know what they’re doing. but I’m worried they’ll pick out the wrong one (this one has plastic gas tank) or not include the needed parts or something; or that its come off a car that was in an accident and its damaged. Most of all, I don’t want to go all the way down there, find out its no good, then have to order the part (which takes 2 days) and start all over again.

The salvage yards generally accept returns if the fit is wrong and the method they used to determine suitability of the part was off/wrong. I would go with the $30, especially if your mechanic is doing the deal with the salvage yard. Second choice would be the aftermarket if the salvage part doesn’t work out.

If you are risk averse, or your time is worth more than the time spent taking the trip, then go for the aftermarket that is returnable if wrong. Many salvage yards will drop ship for a small fee.

Boneyards won’t generally sell you a part that they know is damaged unless you know and want it anyway.

Yeah, I would absolutely buy this part from a boneyard. I’d look at it when I picked it up and if it looked damaged I’d “pass”.

Take the old one off and take it down there.


Yes I would buy a fuel filler neck from a RECYCLING YARD, after first looking at any repair alternatives. I mean shoe goo, or hose repair tape etc. can go a long way.

For salvaged and no-name aftermarket parts I have an important rule. I don’t use them if the part is time-intensive to replace. How much is the labor going to cost? If it is $50, I would consider it. For $150, probably not. What makes you think that the one from the salvage yard is not in nearly as bad shape as yours? Is it a lot newer?

Two days is too far to get a salvage yard part of this type.

You can save a lot of money using used parts. You just need to recognize if the part is good enough for the application. Where you can save a lot of money are from places like this http://www.upullrparts.com/?CFID=2013783&CFTOKEN=11460089


I bought a brake caliper for an 83 Camry from a junk yard so the answer is yes.

Well, I have bought other parts from “recycling” yards and its been fine - like wheel rims, etc. but this didn’t work out. After the yard said they definitely had a good one, and would have it off and ready, I drove 1 hr. down there, and they said “oh, they weren’t any good and the others wouldn’t fit”. Luckily, I went down early and had in the meantime got a better price on a new one (89) and so I flew down to pick it up (another 2 hrs. round trip) and just BARELY got it to the mechanic in time for my appointment - which was good because I REALLY wanted it done cause I have places to go. I think the poster who said go through your mechanic for the yard was wise for this type of part that is kind of specialized.
The mechanic showed me the filler neck when he took it off- it was all over bumps and rust - I think only the rust was holding it together! Now my fuel smells are gone. :slight_smile:

Yes, why not? Chances are you’ll fix the problem, if not . . . you’ll know how to change it a second time and get NOS part if you need to. Rocketman