Would it be worth it to replace the cup holder in an 09 lexus es350?

We used to tease a fraternity brother about that. His father owned three car dealerships in Brooklyn, NY. Our friend got a comp car to drive until the mileage got too high, then he had to return it for sale. Not tires though, they lasted too long. We told him the ash trays were full and he needed a new car, or it needed to be washed. I think he was a little embarrassed at his good fortune. We were a tad bit jealous.

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Yeah, i just wanna make sure im confident in my ability to complete the repair.

I had a relative who was having troubles with something inside one of walls in his house. Wife was complaining about it. I told him the solution would likely be obvious and easy to fix, but first the wall had to be opened up for a look-see. He said he didn’t want to open the wall unless he knew whatever the problem was would be easy to repair. Stale-mate, problem never repaired. Eventually he got romantically involved with the nanny, wife divorced him, house sold. So maybe he was right to not spend time opening up the wall … lol … he & nanny still together last I heard.

The center console must be removed to replace the cup holder tray, some of the screws are accessed from below. This is not a difficult job, 2 screws under the shift bezel, 2 screws in the console box and 2 screws behind the rear seat A/C vent. The worst part of working on the console is removing 15 years of customers junk from the console box.

You could also just insert a screw to hold the cup holder divider in place.

I work 7 days a week. If im gonna take the time to do anything ill just make it functional.

What the heck is wrong with people? If the cup holder broke in a 20-year old fully-depreciated economy car, I would obtain the correct OEM part, either from a junkyard or preferably new from a dealer or online company. And here people are debating whether it makes sense to do this on a 13-year old Lexus? Seriously? Keep your car in as close to perfect condition as long as possible, or begin the steep decline into “hooptie” territory.

What’s that got to do with anything.

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Welcome to the Cartalk community, where nothing but perfect car maintenance is allowed, regardless of your work schedule or the importance of the repair!

I might cut a piece of 1/2" plywood to fit, paint it black, and Gorilla Glue it in place. That way you’re not drilling holes into unseen areas.

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looks like it’s time for a bigger coffee cup! Find one that will fit without spilling over.

No more spills, and more importantly: MORE COFFEE!!!

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Appears to be the same cup holder as my girl friend’s Camry. Do you still have the insert? Very careful application of a gel superglue, Goop, or 3M 5200 would hold the insert in place. I say very careful, you do not want to get any of the adhesive on the moving parts of the cup holder.

The insert is removable because it’s adjustable.

See if a Camry part fits, it adjusts without removing. You only remove it if needed for a thorough cleaning.

Make something like this, shouldn’t take much out of you busy schedule.