Would it be worth it to replace the cup holder in an 09 lexus es350?

Any advice on replacing the cup holder? The sides that hold the divider in place have cracked and now it is useless when the car is in motion.

Call junk yards and ask if they have a used one in the lot.


And any clue how to perform the replacement?

First see if you can find one.

Then we can talk about installation.


When you have a replacement unit in hand the replacement method may be obvious. Concur w/advice above, auto recycler is good bet to find a used version for cheap. You might surf to the pick n pull website, maybe they have one of these car on blocks at your local p n p.

Alternative, some sort of diy’er repair, either glue job, or some sort of a water-tight insert that tightly fits that space.

It is a cheap plastic part that likely just snaps into place. Start at Lexus to see if you can buy a new one. If yours failed, junkyard parts are pretty likely to also have failed. Once you find out the price, you can decide if it is worth it.


The part you need is a cup holder tray, new is $47. Part number 58802-33080, shown at the bottom of the diagram.



I’d be happy to spend $47 to fix something I look at frequently.


I agree. I just dont want to buy it and find out it is going to take too much time to replace it. I also dont want to rip my center console out and be left with hanging plastic.

You could make a divider and glue or pop rivet it in place.

What do you mean? You want it fixed but you don’t want to have to do anything ? It’s not that expensive, and if found at a junkyard even better. It should only take an hour or so to replace and it’s not hard to do. Or take it to a shop, and not worry at all. Maybe consider making a foam insert with holes for cups cut out of it. At the very least clean that thing out.


Do a web search for the job. No doubt there is a YouTube video on how to do it. There are probably text instructions of how to do it as well.

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You had a thread in Febuary about what impact drill to buy so you could do suspension work . Now something this simple might be too much time and effort . Ok Fine.

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You asked a fair question. Don’t let any naysayers make you feel otherwise.

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I’d just buy a newer car.


You sound like a former neighbor - ‘My tires are worn out, time for a new car’.

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well, if you do not want to fix it you can get something like this or one similar. the base expands to the size of your existing cup holder opening to keep it in place. I do not have one of these, so I do not know how well it actually works. was just a thought.

Amazon.com: Integral Hydro Expander - Car Cup Holder Expander Organizer with Adjustable Base - Rubber Tabs Hold Most 32 - 40 oz Bottles and Large Cups : Automotive

Not sure if it would give any insight on how to replace but the image is blurry. Any chance you could reupload with a clear pic?

Concur, that diagram of Nevada’s looks like it has good info on this topic, but is too small to see clearly. I tried using the browser magnify function, gets bigger, but too blurry. Usually uploaded images here, if too small, you can click on them to make bigger, but doesn’t work on Nevada’s image for some reason.

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The part number is not in the image, I posted the part number.

You can go to a dealer’s web site and look up the parts you need.


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