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Would A Ford Pick-Up Cap fit A Chevy? 8 Foot '93 Silverado

I have a '93 Chev Silverado 8 foot pick up and to get to Denver, I’d like to buy a cap, and was finding lots of Ford caps locally on CL. I guess they’re all similar, but short of test-fitting it, would it fit well? And match the tailgate, etc? Here’s the one I found. It’s a Fibrobec. Mine is the green Chevy, and Mugs is my watch dog!

Possibly…I had a cap on my Datsun pickup…which I bought off a guy who had it on his Toyota…who bought it off a guy who had it on his Chevy Luv…Just had to drill different holes.

Could, but but you’d better make REAL sure it’s a good, secure fit. Don’t want that blowing off on the freeway!

Measure the bed, including the cap interfaces, on your Silverado. The do the same with the caps you look at. You might also contact Fibrobec and ask them:

I was told the Chevy tapers… Hmmm… I’ll try Fibrobec. BTW, the cap flange is really wide, so maybe it’ll cover the bed top surface anyways

I measured my naybors Cheby, and yes, it does taper 2" in back. Chevy in primer on left. Sorry for the bad pix