Worn wheel bearings

87 Accord, yep, my car is falling apart.

Will wheel bearings make a medium pitched humming sound when they are starting to go out? Generally increase in road speed = increase in sound pitch. Also amplitude changes when the vehicle is accelerating while turning at higher speeds e.g. converging freeway merging ramp. You know, those ramps where you make a 270 degree turn in order to get on the freeway going in the opposite direction.

Also generally this sound is mainly noticeable between 40-70 mph. I jacked up the car today and spun the wheel freely with the car in neutral and even then I could hear this sound, it was just more subtle.

So I just want to make sure i’m on the right track here. I understand wheel bearings are relatively inexpensive to replace. And just for the record car has original bearings still.

Wheel bearings tend to make a hum / grind / roar that increases with speed, and judging by your description, I’d say yours are about toast.