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World Series Reference

How did Ray reference David Ortiz’s World Series trophy in today’s show? Are they still recording those little segments?

Sox won the Series in 2004 and 2007 as well as 2013. Maybe it is from then? I didn’t hear the segment.

They still record the intro and other little bits.

Yep, just bits to keep the re-runs ‘fresh’.

It seems to be a new trend in TV as well. Some of my favorite TV shows (Gold Rush, Fast-N-Loud, etc), recycle previous material with some new stuff thrown in and call it “Fast-N-Loud: Revved Up,” for example, as opposed to “Fast-N-Loud: Recycled Old Episodes,” which is more true but doesn’t sound as appealing.

Yes, Ray is still there and adds topical comments once in a while. Good idea, keeps the show seeming fresh. Ray referenced NSA whistleblower Ed Snowden a weeks ago too.

I listen to the show when I can (maybe 10 times a year). So even if they are playing older shows…I probably missed it anyways…so it’s new to me.

The brilliant thing about CarTalk is that the content is not topical. Diagnosis of a no-start problem on a 1989 Honda Accord is the same in 2003 as in 2013.