'World-first' cellphone detection cameras rolled out

The Australian state of New South Wales rolled out “high definition detection cameras” Sunday designed to catch drivers using cellphones behind the wheel.
Big Brother comes to mind.

Good. I hope Big Brother catches the jerks before they kill someone. When is it coming to the US?


I’m not in favor of Big Brotherism but something does need to be done about cell phone use while driving. It’s become an epidemic and I can’t even count how many times people have almost hit me while I’m behind the wheel and they’re talking or texting.

Even living out in the sticks where I do with little traffic drivers has crossed the centerline on me twice the past few years and almost hit me head on. I see them catch themselves at the last minute with phone over steering wheel and jerk their cars back in the correct lane as I’m headed to the ditch.

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I am normally not for government intrusion but this is out of hand. I really feel that texting should automatically be disabled at driving speeds for the driver. I don’t know how that would be determined to be the driver vs. a passenger in a car or even public transit but the texting is really bad. I am sure there is tech that could do it.

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We need to make using the cell-phone while driving the same level of offense as a DUI. Especially texting. Maybe then we can get people to stop.

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I agree with MikeinNH. The penalty should be a bit harsh. I can think of only a very few things that could be considered enough of an emergency to justify using the phone with the vehicle in operation.

Even my late wife who would practically glue the phone to her ear all of the time would not use it while driving.

About a year ago a well liked teacher/football coach here was killed by someone using a phone while driving. They lost their concentration, assuming they had any, and crossed over into the opposing lanes on a well divided 4 lane highway. The coach was killed instantly and as in the case of drunks, the other guy came out of it fine. Charges filed at the moment with no disposition yet.

What about hands free cell phones? IMO, that’s about like manipulating the radio or AC controls. Of course, the cell phone camera would not detect that use.

That’s OK as long as you live in a red state, but here in the People’s Republic of California, there’s a movement afoot to base all the traffic fines on income because poor people can’t afford the fines currently in place. Strangely enough, it hasn’t occurred to any of the comrades that there are fines involved if you don’t break the law.

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What about hands free cell phones? IMO, that’s about like manipulation the radio or AC controls. Of course, the cell phone camera would not detect that use.

I don’t know about the hand’s free as I have never used one but as far as comparing it the radio which you can do without looking but I have noticed in different situation’s that most people listening to a radio are aware of what is going on around them even if they are talking to someone but talking on a phone they seem to be more less aware of what is going on around them. Just MHO maybe not your’s.

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Be careful what you wish for. I agree that people playing with their cellphone while driving is a major problem, and likely the cause of many serious accidents. However, I do not want to see the surveillance camera dragnet tightened around everyone’s neck just because of some bad actors.

These automated ticketing systems, whether for speed enforcement, red light/stop sign enforcement, etc. are not about safety and never were about safety. It’s nothing but a money grab under the guise of claiming to improve safety. It is far more effective, and beneficial to safety if we have live police officers stop people and issue tickets for observed violations.

And you think there isn’t a camera dragnet already in place. Trust me…in any major city in the US you are watched.

Conversely, it would make the pile of speeding tickets accrued by some rich jerk who thinks he’s above the law actually hit him in a more meaningful manner. Income based ticketing isn’t actually a bad idea (there would of course be different fining guidelines for those without income).


Why would Big Brother come to mind? Have you read Orwell’s 1984? Big Brother was so ominous because he was in people’s homes. There is no presumption of privacy in public places.


It has been a long time since I read the book. In my experience the term big brother has become a generic reference to increased surveillance.


That’s been my experience too, mostly because the people who use the reference haven’t read 1984, so they’re doing it from a place of ignorance.

It’s like when someone calls someone an Uncle Tom, because they’ve never read Uncle Tom’s Cabin, and they don’t know Uncle Tom was the hero of the book.

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A couple years ago we had a similar fatal accident. A curvy 2 lane rural road with elevation changes. Suzuki SX4 Cross. Mid 20s couple. Female driving with boyfriend riding “shotgun”. She was texting, crossed the line, and hit a minivan head on. 2 people in the minivan and Suzuki driver had minor injuries. Boyfriend died at the scene. He was not wearing his seatbelt! The accident occurred on a straight and level part of the road. Why didn’t she hand the phone to her boyfriend and have him handle the typing? Regardless of laws and effectiveness of safety equipment some people cannot be protected from themselves.

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Yes but protecting them from themselves is not my concern. Protecting others from them I guess is more important.


I would like s detection device to detect people around me talking and texting on their smartphones when I am walking on a college campus. One takes one’s life in one’s hands when walking on campus sidewalks or hallways in campus buildings. If a person isn’t careful, one can be trampled by a student on his or her smartphone.
Mrs. Triedaq and I go over to the basketball arena for our three mile walk on days where the weather isn’t suitable to walk outside. In our drive to the arena, students walk right out in front of our car in the middle of the block while using their smartphones.
When I was in college and going with Little Iodine (actually there were several Little Iodines), I didn’t have the overwhelming need to be in constant communication with her.

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Not car related but when living in FL can’t tell you the number of times my heels got run into from behind from NY accent snowbirds people cruising the grocery store aisles, followed by there’s no bagains here!

And already places here in the U.S. are considering these. Just yesterday I heard Montgomery County MD. and I think one of the Northern VA. counties, I’m not sure about the VA counties.