Won't Start

My car won’t start, there is power so I know its not the battery, and there is no clicking noise, but I put the key in the on position, depressed the brake, shifted the gear into P then R then P and started the car. My problem is that no longer works…Any ideas? Could it be the fuse?

Check all the fuse and relay.it might help

The problem might be with the park/neutral safety switch.

This switch prevents the starter from operating unless the transmission is in park or neutral. If the contacts in the switch become worn/break, the starter won’t operate no matter if it’s in park or neutral.


Make model year miles?

Try it in neutral. If it works it’s either the safety switch or the linkage is maladjusted.

My car is an 04 Toyota Corolla. I tried it in neutral and didn’t work.

There are switches relays and fuses and of course the starter. Here is a print to help you.

Thank you

That wiring diagram is for a manual transmission vehicle. There’s a clutch switch which your vehicle doesn’t have.