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Won't Start

It’s been puttering on fine until now, yesterday we stopped at a store came out, car turned over but did not start, tried again, no turn over.

Had car towed to repair shop, they said the starter was the problem, replaced starter, no go, new starter is burned out, they tried direct jumping the starter, nothing.

So far $260 for tow, starter, & labor.

Any Ideas?

'99 Plymouth Neon

Any Ideas?

Find a new shop. [Starter turns the engine over, but they want to replace it …]

Turned the engine over one time…then after trying again (a few times) engine will no longer turn over…then took it to shop.

I can’t follow at all where things are at.

  1. The car wouldn’t turn over.
  2. you got it to a shop
  3. they diagnosed a bad starter.
  4. they replaced the starter
  5. the starter they put in is bad.

Is all of that right? What do you want to know? The shop has to get a starter in there that works. Its pretty simple. Are they saying its on you?

Well after they put in the starter it started twice, then won’t start again…new starter is burned out…they even tried to direct jump the starter, no go, is it still just the starter or is there something else?

Ok, Been there. Check the battery and all the cables. You may have a bad engine ground. The shop you went to may have missed this. I took two starters back to the auto parts store for a similar issue. Turns out the battery had a bad cell. Almost enough to turn the starter but not quite. Low battery volts when the starter is engaged can hurt the starter.