Won't Start - Won't come out of park

I have a 97 Ford Expedition XLT, 4.6. Will not start and will not come out of park. Also no brake lights. Thinking brake switch. There is one green wire going to the switch with no power. Should there be power? No owners manual to figure out if there is a fuse involved. I’ve checked fuses all have power to both sides some don’t have power to either side (key on). Found a fuse blown for the brake pressure switch which is a recall(05S28). Cleaned switch not blowing fuse now -need to take it in for recall. Any suggestions? By the way I can jump past the starter solenoid and start the truck.

sounds like you diagnosed correctly. Bad brake switch which is failing to open the shift and start interlocks.

Thanks. I was expecting to find two wires but there is only one wire with two terminals. I guess I’ll try jumping the terminals and see what happens.

There should be two wires. It sounds like one of them has broke off.

You were right. One wire had broken out of the connector and sucked itself up in the black ribbed wire covering. Cut the connector off and put new connectors on. Comes out of gear but still won’t start. No power to the wire that pushes on at the solenoid on the dash. don’t know if an ignition switch problem. If you have any suggestions I would greatly appreciate. No owners manual to identify fuses. Cannot find a problem with fuses. Does a relay have anything to do with it? Thanks again. I really appreciate your time!