Won't start Acura Integra

I have a 1989 Acura Integra standard shift. Without any pattern, the car won’t start. All the lights come on when I turn the key but there is no sound indicating it trying to turn over. If I leave it alone for a little while, it will often start. By the way, this never happens in the morning even in below freezing temperatures.

Have you checked the battery connections for tightness and cleanliness?

Check the ground wires while you’re under there.

Also, does it have an alarm with a starter kill? If so, disconnect the starter kill portion of the alarm and see if it still does it.

I would look into an aftermarket system…aside from that you need to make sure your clutch switch is working…you can cheat it and see if your starter works…the issue either is in an aftermarket system cutting your starter wire with a relay…or more likely…the clutch switch…its ez to bypass and test.