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Woman wants Lexus. Says best to pay extra $3,000 for GPS. Worth it?

She does not need GPS.
Says it will be “High class” and increase resale value.

Your thoughts.

Thank you.

If it is worth it to her than it is worth it–her opinion is all that matters here and I would not advise trying to convince her otherwise.

That said, built-in GPS is likely to become obsolete before the rest of the car. I personally would not purchase a car with any touchscreen of any kind. More *&#@# to break.

How much does a TomTom or Garmin cost? $199 at Best Buy? That means about $2800 profit for Toyota.

Women Are Often Right Even When They’re Wrong.
The Key Word Is "Wants."
I’d Run With That. That Is A Classy GPS !


If she plans to trade the car in 2 - 3 years she is correct. If she keeps it for 10 years, then GPS or not makes no difference so skip the GPS.

I would skip the GPS. These items can be bought aftermarket and they keep improving, as well as getting cheaper. The $3000 is an outrageous price to pay. However, if OP trades every 2-3 years, it may be worth the cost.

It’ll increase resale value, but not by more than the cost of the GPS option.

That said, since you’re talking about a Lexus, you’re in the want not the need category anyway. If she wants the GPS and you can afford it, then get it.

I’d get it, she won’t lose much on it and the $3000 may be part of a package that includes other upgrades, maybe to the audio system. And she wants it.

If she wants it, can afford it, and hubby has no complaints, than she should definitely get it. Nothing else matters. This isn’t an investment decision, it’s a car option decision.

You can buy a standard GPS with lifetime update and traffic for less the $200. The problem with factory units, unless thing have changed is you need to go to the dealer and pay for updates.

With cars now being able to link to your smart phone it could be possible for the factory units to automatically update but don’t know if thats possible yet. Ask your dealer

"If she wants it, can afford it, and hubby has no complaints, than she should definitely get it. Nothing else matters. This isn't an investment decision, it's a car option decision."
She is single and cannot really afford it. I don't even understand why she wants a Lexus. There are great cars, like the Toyota Camry, at HALF the price. Sounds like she wants to feel "high class". Oh, a relative owns a Lexus.

My basic opinion on built-in vs stand-alone gps: Personally, I greatly prefer in dash GPS units. No cables snaking around the car, no square blocking my field of view, the sound is built into the stereo so I don’t have to worry about missing a prompt, the screens are much larger, etc. I will agree that most manufactures overprice the unit, but compared to the cost of a decent built in unit from crutchfeild, it’s not as bad as a $200 stand alone.

Not to say that it’s right for everyone. It’s your money, spend it how you want to.

“She is single and cannot really afford it.”

That changes everything, you might try and talk her into test driving a high-option Camry, like you said it’ll be 90% of the ES for 60% of the price.

It'll increase resale value, but not by more than the cost of the GPS option.

However, it will increase the speed at which you can sell the car. If nav is an option, more people are going to be looking for that option when they buy used. The whole point of buying a luxo car used is to get the luxury features at a discount. A luxury car without a navigation system is pretty under-equipped in today’s world.

Its part of a package that runs about $2500 and includes a bunch of stuff that IMO just distracts the driver from their primary job. I mean, is she really interested in seeing a stock ticker on her display while doing 70 mph and talking with someone over the bluetooth?

If she’s single, than it’s none of our business. If she asks, I’ll offer an opinion, but otherwise it’s entirely her business and her business only.

Sorry, but there are far tpoo many people out there trying to tell everyone else how to live their lives. And they shouldn’t.

Robert are you sure turn by turn directions aren’t already available in a Lexus without a GPS? My 2013 Ford Escape has turn by turn directions as part of the Ford Sync package. I don’t have a GPS but the turns show up on the screen. I have the package free for 3 years (part of a promo). But it’s only $5/mo after that if I decide to keep it. I’d be real surprised if Lexus didn’t have that as standard equipment. If not tell her to step up in class and get a Ford! :wink:

Actually it looks like your really a nice guy trying to advise a friend on an issue that only affects her and she has control over. Like others have said just let it go.

Yes, she always asks my advice on everything from toilets to fertilizer to electrical items to bicycles and vehicles. I do many tasks for her without remuneration. I look at it as helping someone while getting free exercise - moving her piano was a good workout!
I am least knowledgeable on vehicles. I would not even know a Lexus from a similar vehicle.
She probably wants a Lexus because her relative has one.

You sound like a good fella, Since she apparently DID ask you, I’ll offer my opinion that it’s an option that’s definitely not appropriate for someone on a tight budget.

If she is on a tight budget perhaps you can persuade her to look at a Acura ILX which is just a fancied up Civic for $25,000. She will have the luxury name, good gas milage, and reliability. She will probably save $10,000 on what she is looking at the Lexus dealer.

Assuming the cost is not a serious issue, or the driver does not use GPS, then I would not recommend it. On the other hand, it is handy to have a built in GPS and not need to play with the wires every time you want to use it.