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Woman asks best way to buy a Lexus. On line?

I do her tree care.
I tried to talk her out of buying a Lexus.
Is it not an over-priced Toyota?

She wants NEW, NOT USED.

Can they be purchased on line from a web site?

Thank you.

Anything online is essentially shopping.
Finding the car and accessory package that she wants and locating a dealer with inventory.
possibly even reserving it at that dealer.
AND, use the online car building tool to place an order for the exact car she wants…at a dealer.

BUYING means going to that dealer

There’s nothing wrong with buying a Lexus, assuming she has the money. Even with some of the recent quality issues, they’re still more reliable than most cars. You also get more features for the money compared to the German luxury cars, for what that’s worth.

She can’t exactly buy a new one online, but she can use their web site to submit a request for quotes from several nearby dealers if she knows the features she wants. My understanding is that you can often get a better price that way.

If she wants a new Lexus and can affor a new Lexus than she should GET a new Lexus.
Life’s short. Enjoy it.

And why, pray tell, did you feel obliged to try to talk her out of it?
Oh, and be carefull…the Lexus dealer may just tell her she’s wasting her money on tree care!

Some Lexus models are based on Toyota models, some aren’t. I bought a '96 ES300 (based heavily on the Camry) because I liked the looks (no body panels shared) and the interior (just about all of it upgraded). So while they’re similar, they’re still different. And that ES has been a great car for 16 years.

Whether there is a Toyota analog depends on the model. The Camry and ES 350 are similar, but you can’t get a top of the line Camry that will be the equal of the base ES 350. I would guess that your friend is interested in the ES 350. She should drive an ES 350 and a Camry XLE and see if she likes the Lexus enough to pay the premium. I compared luxury cars to an Accord EX V6 and bought the Accord. But she may prefer the Lexus no matter what.

And why, pray tell, did you feel obliged to try to talk her out of it? Oh, and be carefull....the Lexus dealer may just tell her she's wasting her money on tree care!
Her trees need dead and dangerous branches removed before they fall and damage her house or kill someone. Recently, a branch from a beautiful tree fell and killed its owner. She wanted a big tree removed, but, being the tree-hugger that I am, I talked her into keeping it.

She wants 4WD. Between SUV and regular Lexus- whatever that is.

Thank you.

RX350 would be the Lexus for her if she wants AWD.

Anyone that has the opportunity to buy a luxury car, particularly a new luxury car, should certainly do it. You feel good everyday, driving it, cleaning it, and sometimes just looking at it.

Ever drove by a school bus catch the attention of one of the kids who frantically points out your car as others flock to the bus windows just to get a gimps of your car – priceless …

20+ years ago cars had a very short life span (5 - 7yrs) , now they avg twice that, so a car for $60K is only $350 - $500 a month. Now instead of looking for another car 7 years later, you are still enjoying the same car as it matures into a classic.

Huh, my wife would like a Lexus next time but it looks like there are only two dealers in the whole state of Minnesota, none in South Dakota, and only two in Iowa. What’s with the sparse dealers and if you were on the road with a problem, you’d be looking at a 200 mile tow depending on where you were.

There’s no Toyota equivalent to the RX 350.

The Highlander and the Venza are very close (but not the same as) the RX350.

Tell her the best way is to buy a left over 2012 model if she can find one. They’ll be more likely to deal with a '12 than a '13.

Shop online with a list of options and have edmunds or send out a form to the local Lexus dealers and they’ll email/call back with their offers