Will Toyota Lower the prices on their LS cars next year?

I read somewhere that Lexus had the first bad year since it opened. The owner of Toyota commented that he thinks their cars are now overpriced. Do you think they will lower the prices for 2010 or do you think this is wishful thinking on my part?

The reason I ask is I want to buy a new LS460 to replace my, perfectly working, 2002 LS 430.If I knew the prices would be coming down I would wait-- even if I had to wait one or two seasons.

Why wait? ALL car companies are having a bad year. They are all desperate to sell. You could probably make a very good deal on a new LS460 right now. They’re not exactly flying off the lots. Now is the time to buy on your terms.

I guess you’re right. I just hate the haggling I have to do. I do want a new car though…So haggle it is.

The least expensive LS460 has a base MSRP of about $63000. Will a price drop of a few thousand really make an impact?

sure… Maybe a certified 2009 would be a better way to go.

Price drops almost always involve putting less standard equipment on the car as well. If you like what is on the market now, do some shopping. Since your car is fine, consider selling it privately. That way you’ll get a bunch more $$$ than traded it in to the dealer.

That’s good advice… Thank you very much.

Why wait? ALL car companies are having a bad year.

Some much worse then others.

Edmunds.com says that you should expect to pay about $6000 under sticker price if you buy the typical options. Does a price reduction of 8% to 9% sound attractive?

You can also shop on line. Go to the Lexus web site and find dealers in your area. You should be able to look at the new and used car inventory; dealers usually include an asking price. Maybe you’ll find a great bargain without negotiating.

You are so kind to that research for me. I wonder if Memorial Day Sales would merit a look.thanks so much for your input. Marylyn

We got a call last weekend from the guy we bought our Lexus from a couple years ago…Wanted to know if we were looking for a new vehicle…After only two years of ownership…I guess they are getting a little desperate.

I would buy soon, in the next 6 months or so. The US dollar is dropping fast, and Lexus LS models are made in Japan. The cost will liley GO UP in a year or so.

“We got a call last weekend from the guy we bought our Lexus from a couple years ago…”

That’s a long-standing tradition. When my parents bought a 1962 Cadillac in 1964, the dealer offered to call us whenever the previous owner traded his car in. It would have been quite a train if the salesman lined us up and another family to take our car.

The cost of ALL manufactured goods will go up as the value of the dollar goes down…