Wobble when I apply the brakes

We just put on new ball joints, tires, and had a 4 wheel alignment done. The car is driving so much better than it has in years.

Now the problem is that when I apply the brakes, there is a slight wobble again. This time it is only happening when the brakes are applied.

My husband took the tire off and looked at the brake pads, and they “seem” to be ok.

Where should I start looking?

You need to either have the brake rotors turned or get new brake rotors. Machining rotors these days is less and less common just b/c they start out fairly thin when new.

The other thing to do is check the torque on your lug nuts. Chances are good that some lunkhead - wherever you had the ball joints/tires done whacked your lugs on with an impact wrench. They are probably overtightened and unevenly tightened. This will mess up the rotors. They need to be installed to correct torque with a torque wrench or torque stick.

Your brake rotors have probably been slightly warped for a long time, you just never noticed it because of all the other noises and wobbles.

Checked the lug nuts, and they all seem to be fine.

We are going to get the rotors turned this weekend. I will let you all know if that solves the problem.

Thanks so much,

We finally got the rotors turned today. I only drove about 3 miles, but it seems better. Hopefully that solved the problem.

Thanks again to all who replied!