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"Wobble" noise ONLY when accelerating

I have had a “wobble” noise, coming from front passenger side of car near the wheel area, ONLY when accelerating. I have heard that it may be my CV Joints but I do not have any clicking sounds when turning. I have also heard it may be the engine mounts. Does anyone know which one it would most likely be.

2001 Toyota Echo 154,000 miles

Both of these options are possibilities, and there is little way to say what it can be without inspection. Any good mechanic can check out the mounts in about 10 mins. Its not rocket science.

Each of your half axles has 2 CV joints on it - an inner and an outer. The clicking on turns is the most common symptom of a bad outer joint. The inner joints take less abuse and tend not to wear as fast. But when they show problems it isn’t typically as clicking on turns. One way that they show an issue is with wobble/vibration on acceleration. So if this is a CV joint problem it is probably an inner joint problem. No matter as the smartest thing to do these days is just replace the whole halfshaft.