Wobbling 2006 Honda Accord

I have a manual transmission 2006 honda accord. I have a wobble/ shaking that happens, Accelerating only, and it happens around 2000 rpms in any gear. But it mostly happens in low gears, 1,2 and 3. It happens accelerating out of a corner too. I have changed both cv joints twice. I recently changed the clutch also (side note).
I have had a couple mechanics check out the car and no-one can figure out what’s the problem. The other tests like wiggling the tire back and forth and side to side all check out apparently. They said it will just be an annoying problem to live with… and to sell it if I can’t stand it. They thought it may be an inner transmission thing…

Also, do you recommend a good break brand?. I just replaced all 4 break rotors and pads and now there is a SEVERE and violent shaking when I apply the breaks, not even a year later. I love cars, but recently I hate them. Please help

Did the mechanics that checked the car do the work for you? Was it two different shops? How do you know that these mechanics know what they are doing? When was the last time a four wheel alignment was done?

@jtsanders I asked several, so there should be one who knows. I brought it to an ira Toyota dealership, cause I do work there and wanted their opinion (a dealership opinion who knew me and wasn’t going to rip me off. They suggested the cv joints. I have a friend who does the work. He works on cars all day long for 40
Years, and everyone i know goes to him. Their cars never have problems.
Finally I asked a trusted friend I know, who has worked as a professional mechanic for 30 years. He said everything checked out ok… nothing was loose, or broken… he was a little annoyed too that he couldn’t pin point it… From what I understood or remember him saying is he thought there may be an inner part to the transmission or part that’s practically in the engine hard to get to that could have some play.

The last 4 tire alignment was in the spring

Did they look at the U-joint?

@kurtwm1 It’s a front wheel drive.
I’ve had both cv joints changed, then it looked out of balance so I took them and exchanged them and replaced them. Still the wobble is there

Do you feel the wobble in the steering wheel? In the gas pedal? Or does the whole car wobble, and you feel it through the seat? If you can reproduce it, get it to a slightly higher speed then coast back down through the wobble speed. Does it still wobble? Does it only wobble during acceleration, but not when going a constant speed? Can you get it to wobble by rev’ing the engine in the driveway?

It’s a good idea to buy your brake pad kits at a Honda dealership. If the rotors there are within 25% of the aftermarket rotors prices, good idea to buy the rotors at a dealership too.

Hello, I fee it in the steering wheel a little but mostly in the seat/whole car. It doesn’t wobble coming down from acceleration. I can minimize the wobble if I don’t STEP on it… and if I shift at a higher rpm like 4K. It lessens the wobble. I can accelerate out of the wobble

hmmm … wobbling sensation mostly felt coming from the seat at 2000 rpm no matter what gear you are in? And wobble is worse during rapid acceleration, and is reduced at higher rpms? Symptoms are consistent with the most likely source being anywhere between the clutch and transmission to the front wheels. Since you say you have a severe shaking during braking, this has to be addressed in any event, so suggest you focus on that problem first, as the two symptoms may be related. Diagnosing that should be simple enough for a shop. If solving the brake problem has no effect on the seat-felt wobble, and since you’ve already replaced the clutch and (presumably) both front half-axles, I’d guess the problem is either a fault inside the transmission or problematic engine/transmission mounts. While the symptom isn’t exactly consistent for this next guess, there’s some possibility this is a problem with one or more the wheels. So it makes sense to try swapping the wheels around to see if the wobble sensation changes or not. That could provide a clue anyway. Did the wobble begin immediately after some work was done on the car? If the wrong half-shaft replacement part number is used that can cause a wobble.

I already changed the clutch too.
I’m getting 4 new tires tomorrow and there going to check the rims when they mount them. If it IS the tires I’m going to be livid, because I’ve brought it to many mechanics and gear head friends and they all said don’t go chasing tires… pretty much suggested anything else. So if this fixes the problem, I’ll have wasted thousands of dollars for nothing… :sweat::fearful::poop::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::hot_face:

Is there some reason you don’t want to fix the known brake-shaking problem?

Don’t worry, I am going to fix the brakes. But I recently replaced the brakes and when I did the wobble was still there.